marital life


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My dob is 02jan1990,
I am manglik,so really concerned on how my marital life will be.
Can somebody help?


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Hello divanshi .

you are saggittarus asc kumba rasi . just started your sadesatti but dont worry it will do only good .

mars in own house cancels mangalik dosha . you dont have manglik dosh but you have putra dosha . either child birth is delayed or will have miscarriage . youre sound financially , professional life is good . your spouse comes from wealthy family . you do love marriage husband will be influential spiritual , pretty , may be a businessman . you will have sudden unexpected life change after marriage . will live in forgein land . elder born will be helpful , though at times you may have misunderstandings . you spend much than your income .long for luxuries life , waste money on silly things . over all happy married life .

marriage happens in 2023....