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Present the remarkable SOL CHART ANALYSIS - At Age 50 Anniversary Marilyn Monroe Passing

MARILYN MONROE: SUN AND SOUL (SOL Chart is the 60TH Harmonic)
JUNE 1 1926 Key figures and PROGRESSIONS in her life

SolMC 0 aries Mc 6 Taurus
Sol Asc 3 Gemini Luna 6 Gemini Sun 10 Gemini
Asc 13 Leo Sol 27 Sag Moon 19 Aqu

Striking early and mid-life solar arc progressions - The Sol Moon (Luna) to her Sun at age 4, sparks first a luminous and childlike beauty, and the Sol rising to Her Luna (age 3) as well as her Sun (age 7) making early childhood experiences very important in some spiritual or personal way. She was raised (and abused) to be a star from an early age, as a way to realize the celluloid movieland dreams (her mother, missing father) and others in her early life.

The second is at age 36 (Sol Rising 0 Aries conjunct her MC at 6 taurus) age 36, coming in the year of her death in 1962. The apex of Marilyn’s life came along with the determination that Soul was ready for a new life as she was to move on from the current multi-faceted soul experience. This was alongside the final peak of fame in death, which has led to a blend of hollywood and spiritual immortality.

These two progressions were two of the four major solar arc progressions in her lifetime. The third was the MC to Luna at age 30, in keeping with her actual career peak and sex-symbol stardom in 1956, and then the MC to her Sun as a very physical career decision in 1960 (age 34) that would complete the years of her best film achievements.

Marlyn’s SOL (60th Harmonic) Star chart reveals the soul decisions and investment which describes her life. The rising in 3 Gemini conjunct the Luna and the Sun at 10 degrees equate to the beauty, the body as a tool, the psycho-sexuality and attention getting and her soulful luminescent qualities (Neptune is also in sol gemini 23 degrees) and her magnetic feminine appearance, an American Goddess who was simply a very human Soul.

SOL DEGREES: sol rising 3 gemini - Luna 6 gemini - sun 27 sagittarius -
The sol jupiter in scorpio at 20 degrees (sexual obsession and symbolism), ,
Venus 15 Capricorn - Pluto 23 cancer - node 24 capricorn - mercury 17 taurus - Mars 14 Virgo - Saturn 26 libra - sol Chiron 0 aries, sol Uranus 0 Aquarius - sol lillith 12 taurus - sol part of fortune 12 scorpio

We find her polarity attraction to opposite sex (mars trine venus) and sexual feminine objectivity (sol pluto conjunct lilith) and magnetism (sol venus opposite pluto), and this being with an opposition (USA pluto to her Sol pluto). - This ethereal and manipulated state via American obsession and power, which resulted in her control by men of power and hollywood celebrity, being almost opposite to the political downfall and a public demonstration of the social will when she met and matched up with John F. Kennedy who it seems was both lover and relation to death, which came to both following their meeting when the famed drunken starlet singing praise in song to the President.

Marilyn shares the sol in sagittarius in late degree (and near the galactic center) with Lindsay Lohan, another seemingly lost and addiction minded actress/personality. The (challenged feminine, domestic and interpersonal qualities (sol Saturn (Hera - the successful woman) is square in libra to this node, venus in cancer and capricorn in pluto T-Square) can be easily diagnosed, needing healing, relationship, and creative outlets.

We find the wounded healer extremely active, (Marilyn’s “Sol Chi” (sol chiron) is exact conjunct her sol MC (soul purpose) at 0 aries), and the necessity for medication of many kinds, sexual, personal, media, and medical, which enfused the confusion and challenge as well as her personal achievement and special qualities. These are aligned through publicity, natural character and human and public personality (sextile her sol Uranus at 0 Aquarius). Prometheus unleashed as it were, with a drive for hermetic and feminine perfection which of course in human terms was unachievable, except in terms of her celebrated results.

In her natal chart, the venus in aries, the saturn in libra opposite brings attention to the great conflict, her feminine appeal and constructed career persona. Combine this with the feminine manipulation and karmic desires (lilith and node combined and opposite pluto) that were willingly abused or used by male companions, and the male power structure, as she also broke down sexual and female archetypes. This purpose of liberation (soul in sagittarius) eventually became either protracted and developed to the point of her soul experience that brought an end to her life.

This is a remarkable and evocative demonstration of a Soul reading, not only of how we may understand ourselves, but also release or become detached or expanded from the worldly aspects or relations which the stars and our lifetime can express.

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