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As @ElenaJ had pointed out in the post above, Joe DiMaggio’s ruler of his 7th, Mercury, sat in his 12th house 💔

— I came across this meme which inspired this post, even though for some reason the creator of the meme decided to over saturate/photoshop this lovely photo of them together. Posting the original below :) how in love and full of pride does Joe look btw? 🥰

When Venus is square Neptune in synastry 🤍

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The black and white is much softer.


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The black and white is much softer.

Yes, so much softer and beautiful. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to change or photocopy photos of Marilyn, when she was beautiful enough.

It is probably the negative side to having such a strong, Neptunian influence on the public.


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Yes, so much softer and beautiful. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to change or photocopy photos of Marilyn, when she was beautiful enough.

It is probably the negative side to having such a strong, Neptunian influence on the public.
They do this also with old BW movies, that had a fascination all their own, and in the coloured version are harsh.


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They do this also with old BW movies, that had a fascination all their own, and in the coloured version are harsh.
Very true. Btw, a mod will delete your posts unless they contain some astrology, just a heads up :)

Old b&w movies have that old Hollywood glamour which is also quite Neptunian. Neptune in Leo was the era, I believe.
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Happy Birthday to thee most famous of Gemini’s —

Miss Mmmarilyn Mmmonroe…!! 🎈 🎈

On what was Marilyn’s final ever birthday, on 1st June 1962, she spent the day on the set of her final but uncompleted movie, aptly called, ‘Something’s Gotta Give.’ The crew celebrated the occasion by bringing a birthday card and cake to the set, once filming for the day had completed. It seems a not very glamorous way for one of the most famous movie stars in the world to celebrate their birthday, especially if compared to the over-the-top lavish spending thsr was happening on the film set of ‘Cleopatra,’ over in Rome.

Marilyn’s many absences for illnesses, and including singing Happy Birthday for the then president John F Kennedy, had built resentment with the manager’s at the studio. In fact, because ‘Cleopatra’ was accreting so I uh debt for the studio, they had hoped to make the making of ‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ a quick cash cow to inject back some much needed revenue.

Marilyn’s absences had put a stop to that plan however and just a week after celebrating her birthday, she was fired from the film. At 36 years old, and already having not had a major smash hit since 1956’s ‘Some Like It Hot,’ Marilyn’s future prospects were not looking good. Only 2 month’s and 3 days later, Marilyn would be found dead of an overdose of sleeping pills.

If we look at the transits of Marilyn’s chart on the last birthday we celebrated, you can see that Mars will enter her 10th house a week later, marking the occasion she was fired. Saturn was also 2 degrees from a conjunct to the DC, showing the depression that was engulfing her and causing her trouble with sleep. Transit Uranus was also exactly conjunct her Jupiter in 7th house, perhaps showing a lack of some much needed luck.

(click to enlarge)

Here are two photos from the celebrations of Marilyn’s birthday in the film set. In the first photo, she is seen with the cake that was decorated with 36 candles and sparkler’s. Her birthday card had a nude drawing of herself wearing a negligee that said, ‘happy birthday suit,’ in a nod to her recent performance to the president.


The second photo is her sharing some of that cake with the director of the film, George Cukor. Despite what appears to be pleasantries between them, his patience for Marilyn had worn thin and his resentment had reached such boiling point that, when he fired her a week later, he would stick the knife in by publicly bashing her in the newspapers by saying her career was finished.


However, it surelywould have been beyond Marilyn’s wildest dream if she knew the world would still be celebrating her birthday even to this day, on what would have been her 97th birthday!!

So, to celebrate this wondrous occasion, here is one of my favourite photos of Miss Monroe that I have not yet shared on this thread.

It was taken at her agent Johnny Hyde’s house. He fell in love with her and his connections helped MM get a foot in the door of the infamously cruel and competitive Hollywood acting world, most notably her small but pivotal role in ‘The Asphalt Jungle,’ directed by John Huston. Ironically, Huston would also go on to direct the last completed film of MM’s career, ‘The Misfits,’ which was written by her then husband, the famous playwright, Arthur Miller.

Without further adieu, here is one of my favourite photos of Miss MM, when she was still a young starlet, hoping to make it big —


And for extra luck, here is anther photo taken in the same time and place, just with a costume change —

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The photo posted below really shows off Marilyn’s fun and geeky side to her personality. She is not posing as a glamorous actress, but just being her spontaneous and silly self. She is completely relaxed and just having fun.

It was taken by her friend and long-term collaborative partner, the photographer, Milton H Greene, in 1955. He is best known for taking the ballerina series of photos, one of which would go on to be named, ‘the most famous photo of the 19th Century.’

Not only did Marilyn and Greene have a great creative partnership together, but she would stay at his family home when she decided to escape the Hollywood Studio system. They would then go on to partnership in Marilyn’s own production company.

Unfortunately, this business venture was short-lived. Marilyn’s production company would only produce one movie, called ‘Bus Stop,’ before it was disbanded. The reason for this disbandment was primarily due to the insertion of a husband into her life, the playwright, Arthur Miller, who was uncomfortable with how close Milton and Marilyn were.

If you are wondering who indeed had the best intentions between either Milton or Arthur Miller, we can look at some of these facts: when Milton was told that Marilyn wished to go their separate ways and no longer have him part of her production company, he only asked for his initial investment amount back, making no profit at all.

Let’s compare it to the behaviour of Arthur Miller - he declared to the press he was going to marry Marilyn as a way to prevent him being charged for any crimes in the McCarthy’s trials. Indeed, Marilyn only found out she was engaged to him via the press as well.


Also, after her death, Miller would go on to write a play about the intimate details of their marriage in his play called, ‘After The Fall.’

Despite the natural affinity shared betwen
Marilyn and Milton, he is not actually my persona favourite photographer of Marilyn’s. It would be quite a good idea to make a post about different photographer’s in Marilyn’s creative career, as she was a natural model, and the different photographer’s were able to capture many different sides to her. Thanks to her friendship with Milton, we are able to see sides to Marilyn such as this.

As for the astrology, with a Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury in 11th house, and a Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in the 7th house, Marilyn surely had a fun and expressive personality.

Let’s not forget though, with a Saturn in 4th, in a grand water trine with Pluto-NN in Scorpio and a Mars in Pisces, Marilyn’s deep sense of loneliness could only be briefly forgotten, as she tried to express herself and reach out the world for some sense of connection. Knowing the loneliness that can be seen in Marilyn’s chart, it makes her moments of expressiveness and laughter even more tender and sweet.


Since I have gone into details about different parts of Marilyn’s life, here are some references for the parts I had mentioned:

The video below is a television interview Marilyn did while on strike from the Hollywood studio. It is being broadcast from Milton’s family home, where she took refuge —

The below video is an interview Marilyn did to the press outside her New York apartment when the news broke of her engagement to Arthur Miller. Miller and not informed Marilyn privately about their engagement first and it is a testament to Marilyn’s loyalty and kindness that she decided to go along with it.

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Keeping with the theme of the water grand trine in her chart - especially the Saturn in the 4th - Marilyn’s deep-seated feeling of loneliness is key to the understanding of her.

‘Alone!!!!!!! I am alone. I am always alone, no matter what.’

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sudden shock death by drugs Mars Uranus Pisces in 8th. Accidental, not murder or suicide. She just overdosed.

Completely agree. It’s so refreshing to hear this and not some conspiracy. Lots of her friend’s are quoted as saying at the time of her death much the same thing because they understood how easy it was to forget how many sleeping pills you took and take too many.

It’s only when profits were made from selling books that the conspiracy theories were born.

I did a horary about it too and it said the same thing.

The Mars-Uranus Pisces in 8th does describe an accidental overdose perfectly :)


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…61 years ago today

It was in the early hours of this day, 61 years ago today, that Marilyn was found dead lying in her bed, a telephone still clutched to her hands…

(Click to enlarge)

The symbolism of Marilyn still clutching the telephone has always struck me as significant in a number of ways -

As a Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini in 11th house - Marilyn was born to communicate with the world. This was only emphasised further by an expressive Leo rising. The melancholic water grand trine, which included a hidden Saturn in 4th, would have caused Marilyn to feel a deep-seated sense of loneliness and disconnect - of which her brave attempts to reach out and communicate with the world brought her temporary relief.

I think the clutching of the telephone also speaks to Marilyn’s state of mind just before her death. She was plagued with a chronic insomnia, that caused her to have a fatal addiction to sleeping pills. During her lonely night’s of being awake, she would often reach out and telephone people, sometimes with bizarre or rambling conversations, as the sleeping pills took effect. The fact she was clutching a telephone, indicates that her death was an accidental overdose, caused by forgetting how many pills she had taken, in her desperate attempts to get to sleep. It also indicates that Marilyn’s fervour to communicate with the world had not dissipated, and she had not given up.

Despite the mythical fame that grew in the year’s after Marilyn’s death - most of it embroiled in a Neptunian fog of inaccuracies - Marilyn’s career was on the wane, and her prospects did not look good. At 36 years old, even though she was still young by any means, she was considered an old and ageing actress by Hollywood standards. Furthermore, not only has she just been fired from her latest, unfinished film, ‘Something’s Got To Give,’ but she had not had a successful hit since 1959’s ‘Some Like It Hot.’

In the couple of month’s leading up to her death and after having being fired from the studio, Marilyn agreed to do an interview where she talked about the firing, fame and how she felt about the future. Marilyn would have surely been aware that her career prospects were looking bleak but despite this, she is quoted as saying in the interview -

‘Fame may go by and so long, I’ve had you…’

— See photos of the newspaper article below.

Despite Marilyn’s protestations about her future. fame surely would have been everything to her because, really, what else did she have? Hollywood had given her a purpose and an escape. Failure would have meant ultimate rejection. Her bleak childhood had caused Marilyn an eternal sense of displacement that followed her around throughout her life; signified by Saturn in 4th and South Node Capricorn in 6th. She could not have children, which was something she had desperately wanted. Her ex-husband, the playwright Arthur Miller, had married a photographer he had met on the set of the film, ‘The Misfits,’ the movie he had written for Marilyn, and which they had worked on together, suspiciously quickly after Marilyn and himself had separated.

So it is fair to say, Marilyn had a lot of worries on her mind regarding her career, and a lot to be depressed about concerning her private life - but that does not mean she was suicidal. Above all, and what many people forget to portray when they discuss Marilyn, she was a survivor. Having the odds stacked against you was nothing new to Marilyn - she had been dealing with these kinds of odds since her childhood, and had still reached the pinnacle of fame in Hollywood, especially in the 50’s. So she had already survived and succeeded in a notoriously cruel and unforgiving industry. So let’s not forget, that Marilyn departed this world, with a telephone still clutched to her hand, showing that, despite the darkness that sometimes engulfed her, she was eternally willing to seek appeasement from it. In short, she was both brave and tough and fought until the very end.

As if in a prophecy in what was to come, George Barris, a photographer and long-time friend of Marilyn’s, would take the last professional photograph of ever ever taken, on Santa Monica beach, just as the sun was setting. In contrast, Marilyn started her modelling career as young teenager, on the California beaches in full glare of the sunlight, in photos taken by Andre de Dienes. The last ever photo, taken as the last of the sun was just on the horizon, Marilyn blew a kiss to her friend and the camera and said, ‘George, this is just for you.’ It would be the last photograph he ever took of Marilyn, and her last ever professional photograph.


‘I recall the time where she - it was getting dark practically, very little light and she was on the sand there - the beach was practically deserted, I gave her this blanket to cover her - her legs with to keep warm and she was freezing and she says to me "George" she says "George I'm really frozen" and I said "Marilyn I only have one roll of film left in the camera, let me make that one picture of you and let's call it a day and start again tomorrow." and she says "okay" and she puckered up her lips as if she was going to blow me a kiss and she said "George this is just for you" and it was a beautiful picture. Unfortunately it was the last picture I ever took of her.’
George Barris

Marilyn Monroe photographed on July 13th 1962 by George Barris.

— Photos taken by Andre de Dienes of a then Norma Jeane in 1945


(Click to enlarge)



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I thought I would just share some more photos of the collaboration between Marilyn and Andre de Deines, this time from 1949. Marilyn had just completed her bit part in the movie, ‘’Live Happy,’ a small role but in a big-time movie with The Marx Bros. She was still in New York, having just completed a press tour for the movie, when she found time to arrange a photoshoot at Tobay Beach, for her old friend from her early modelling days.

The photoshoot is one of the most radiant that Marilyn ever did. It is thought of as being showcasing the movement between the shy model Norma Jeane and when Marilyn Monroe truly started to come into her own. Taken on a sunny day, if is as powerfully symbolic as the final photoshoot George Barris did, except this one is at the beginning of Marilyn’s rise to fame.

I’ve also shared the transits for today’s date in 1949. It highlights this trajectory of Marilyn’s career picking up speed, with transit Pluto conjunct her ascendant and opposite her Moon.

Transit Uranus is heading for a conjunction her her NN-Pluto conjunction in 11th house, which will trigger the grand Water Earth trine.

(Click to enlarge)

— Marilyn Monroe in Love Happy (1949)

— Andre de Deines photoshoot at Tobay Beach, New York, 1949.

(Click to enlarge)

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Marilyn's Mars at 20 Pisces:



KEYNOTE: Growth in consciousness in its earliest tactile awareness of the wonders of unsophisticated living.

This symbol recalls the one for Phase 174 (Virgo 24°) — "Mary and her little lamb" — but it occupies a different position in the five-fold sequence and a new factor is added: the "Chinese servant." According to the occult tradition, the original Chinese race was an extension of the humanity (or "Root Race") preceding ours — thus the stress upon the biological factors of family and ancestors, and also on the dualism of the Yang and Yin interplay. The "Chinese servant" represents the past as a servant of the new evolution. (The "white lamb" suggests the sign of all beginnings, Aries.) This new evolution is just about to begin during the late Pisces phase of the year cycle. It is as yet an ideal, a white loveliness. The girl discovers the new feeling of the touch of wool and of animal warmth. The preceding five-fold sequence began with a symbol suggesting the inspiring revelation of new truths or facts which the creative person is seeking to formulate. Now we witness another kind of discovery — a sensuously emotional discovery, perhaps a presentiment of the mother-feeling.

This is the first symbol of the seventy-first sequence. It brings together past and future, an overlapping of levels. The Chinese kindly watching the white girl; the girl fondling the white lamb. There is charm and ingenuousness in the scene — a vision of WHITE HOPE, a hope for a future that can only be felt, almost naively.


- “Norma Jeane posing with a lamb in 1945. Although the pictures are charming, Marilyn later revealed that she did that photoshoot with mixed feelings. The lamb in the picture had been rejected by its mother, and would eventually die. Marilyn always loved animals, and found things like this heart-breaking.

Shot by Andre de Dienes, and made it to the cover of the magazine The Family Circle in April 1946 (as her first cover)”


Given the symbolism, and the note about the baby lamb being rejected by its mother and destined to die, it does take on a completely different meaning doesn't it? Marilyn the lamb destined to be sacrificed.


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Given the symbolism, and the note about the baby lamb being rejected by its mother and destined to die, it does take on a completely different meaning doesn't it? Marilyn the lamb destined to be sacrificed.

Yes definitely. It is like life imitating art. It is so poetic.

This Sabian symbol is conveying the innocence and hope of a lamb or child, that Marilyn would have felt as she began her modelling career, even though she was as fragile as a lamb already rejected by its mother.


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Quite young here, she still has her "baby" face.
Her singing diction is even completely different!
Just the platinum blond is already there.
Neptune, changes like water....



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Quite young here, she still has her "baby" face.
Her singing diction is even completely different!
Just the platinum blond is already there.
Neptune, changes like water....

I love Marilyn in this movie. Even though she is platinum blonde like we think of Marilyn, she still had her longer hair and is younger, like you said. She’s also playing the part of a shy and coy personality, as opposed to the extroverted glamour queen, so we are seeing some of the Norma Jeane here!!

I love Norma Jeane and I’ve been meaning for ages to write more just focusing on her.

I agree the Neptune transformation is astounding. She had transit Pluto in her 1st house too to add to that.

A lot of people incorrectly say Marilyn had lots of plastic surgery before she could be transformed, but that’s not the case. She was surely channeling both sides to her personality that were already there -

— maybe the grand water trine is the shy and traumatised ‘Norma Jeane’ and Leo asc is the extroverted alpha, Marilyn Monroe? There was a conflict (Moon opposite Neptune).

The movie you posted is ‘Ladies of the Chorus.’ Even though it was a low budget ‘B’ movie, it is still a genuinely good movie. It is a lot better than the A movies she did for 20th Century Fox like ‘There Is No Business Like Showbusiness,’ which is an outdated and overhyped musical. The only thing good about is is Marilyn’s dance numbers (imo).

The full movie of ‘Ladies of the Chorus,’ is available to watch on YouTube!!



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Please sign this petition if you would like to help stop the demolition of Marilyn Monroe’s home.

It’s just been started due to the recent publication of news by The New York Post of the current owner’s request to demolition what was Marilyn’s only home she ever owned and where she died.


Petition: (please sign and share)

The petition to save her house has been started because a lot of people feel strongly about this house for those reasons. They are describing it as Marilyn’s ‘Graceland.’

With a lonely Saturn in 4th, which was part of a grand water trine, putting down roots was an essential part of Marilyn’s journey.

Unfortunately, she only lived in the house for a few month’s before she died there, but she had started the process of beginning to put down roots that belonged to herself for the first time in her life.

Her ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio, helped her put down the deposit for it.

Outside the front door to the porch of the house, was a plaque that read, ‘Curium Perficio,’ which translates to, ‘my journey ends here.’

The meaning behind the putting down of roots and then the sad reality that her journey ended there so soon, is very poignant.


Her house at Fifth Helena Drive —


This photo below was taken by a member of the paparazzi on the day Marilyn was found dead, once the news started to spread of her death. A dog toy that had been thrown on the grass for her Maltese dog called ‘Maf,’ given to her as a present by Frank Sinatra. This photo I find quite sad because playing with her dog looks like it was one of the last things she did, before she retired to her bed for another restless night of trying to fight her chronic insomnia, where she finally took too many of her sleeping pills.


Below, Marilyn with her dog, Maf.


And finally, here are a couple of quotes where Marilyn is describing this need for a ‘foundation’ that this grand water trine triggered in her:

‘…I have hopes of finally establishing a piece of ground for myself to stand on, instead of the quicksand I have always been in.’
— Marilyn in a letter to her acting coach Lee Strasberg in 1961.

— the letter for anyone’s perusal (click to enlarge)

For the 2nd quote about Marilyn’s need for a foundation, Marilyn sat down with Alan Levy of Redbook Magazine, in an interview several weeks before her death, but not published until posthumously. He had asked her about an earlier remark she had made to him in ‘55 that the best way for her to find herself as a person was to prove she could be a good actress.

‘I’m trying to find myself as a person. Sometimes that’s not easy to do. Millions of people live their entire lives without finding themselves. But it is something I must do. The best way for me to find myself as a person is to prove to myself that I am an actress.’
Quote from 1955 with Alan Levy

Now in 1962, several weeks before her death, her attitude had changed and she now talked about the need for a foundation (hence her buying of the house) —

‘There has been an alteration. I used to think if I could find myself as an actress, I would fulfill myself as a person. Now I feel if I fulfill myself as a person, I’ll find myself as an actress. The thing is, it seems like I have a superstructure with no foundation. But I’m working on the foundation!’
Quote from 1962 with Alan Levy

Isn’t it a shame that Marilyn finally got the chance to experience a foundation and home (plus a more positive and mature manifestation of the grand water trine), for the first time in her life, finally, at 36 years old?

She was so close then, for some reason only known to God, she had somehow experienced all she had came here to do. Well, she most certainly had experienced and achieved a lot. Importantly, due to Marilyn’s fame, she finally felt a love and warmth from the world, that had been taken from her in her childhood.

She had not yet learnt to love herself yet, which is what she was just beginning to do, and what the talk about the need for a foundation was all about. I hope in Marilyn’s next life, whoever she is, it will be about finding love within herself, just like she was beginning to do by putting down roots with her first ever home.
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