Malefics in second from Upapada Lagna


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Hi Learned astrologers and students,
I came across materials which described Malefics in second fom UL breaks the marriage. Can someone help me here? I have Venus in UL and Ketu+Jupiter in 2nd from UL. The woman has Jupiter in UL and Rahu in second from UL. If the marriage happens, there is certainity for marriage to break? I don't know if Ketu causes seperation from my chart. However Rahu in the womens chart is set to break the marriage?


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Give Both birth details in written.
Hi sir! Thanks for your response and sorry for delay in response.

Below are the details of myself:
Boys chart.jpeg



And below here are the details of the girl:
Girls chart.jpeg

GIRL 1.jpeg

Girls chart- Vimottari dasa.jpeg

I hope you find this useful. I am sorry i could not share the birth details publicly (and especially the concern from the womens side). If you need any further details, please ask me! I am here to answer. Looking forward to hear your answers for the marriage compatibility.