Mal-shopping on Void Moon


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I'm putting my wallet away the next time the Moon is Void of Course. Yesterday, was called by a store to say a hot item I wanted was now in. I knew it was a Void of Course Moon, but hey, I had to get there before it got sold didn't I? Turns out the aquarium and associated paraphernalia was all wrong and now I have to return it and get my money back. This must be a coincidence - except a few weeks ago, on another void of course moon, bought an appliance that just didn't work right - a popcorn popper that left half the kernals unpopped and dark. Another return.
I guess I must subscribe to the astrological school of hard knocks, but in the future, be sure that I'm going to Not Shop when the Void of Course moon is upon us. I hear it's OK to drink then....


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haha universal the same thing happens to me.
also i work at a grocery store, and when the moon is voc people will come up in line with carts full of grocerys and say things like "i dont know how, but it just all ended up in my cart." i think the voc moon makes you just not care? about what your buying and so you just buy whatever.

kinda different from universal, but that what i see.

void of course moons are good for companies though. they should market somehow to bring it more shoppers during these times. haha

Kaiousei no Senshi

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Oh snap, maybe I shouldn't have purchased Vandal Hearts online today. :)

Ah, well, it's not the purchase date, it's the event chart for when they ship it to me that I'm worried about. :) Good times...


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I heard that VOC can be a really good time to shop. I've gotten some good sales during these times. But maybe it is just my Cappie stellium in House 2 thriftiness!


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Having had recently purchasing one book; claiming, "the only astrology book you'll ever need" then, unable to think of another reason to find and join this forum, since probably you'll know more than me.