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Thanks for this thread.

I Understand Magi's A has identified Chiron as key player. This interests me because my Mercury in Capricorn is conjunct Chiron. I sionce have found the harmonic 60th degree includes a Conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and the Part of Fortune, and that also in nearly every harmonic beyond 1x, there is a very close conjunction of chiron and the part of fortune.

Does Magi work with these Harmonics? (besides the map of positions conjunct by celestial longitude) (especially use 1x, 60x and 3600x)

If I was to identify myself as a wounded healer, I would say for example
that the suggestion I was 'a famous indian' in past life who did not know the positive result or legacy in that lifetime ( a recurring theme for me, completing things also) and since have 'healed' that sense of lack of confidence, also by realizing some extent the nature of this aspect, and of "healing" karma at greater than personal levels, i.e national, racial, inter-personal, astrological. Harmonics is an outlet in Astrology which also comes to fruition in sol astrology, my own method.


what would be the meaning of having someone's Chiron conjunct your Saturn? From what I gather, Magi Astrology does not like Saturn in relationships. The two Magi books I had did not give an explanation for this particular aspect. I am hoping someone can shed lights on this here for me. Thanks.
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I wonder does it also work for chiron's links to angles?
for example, A's chiron conjunct B's IC or ascendant?



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I've been looking at Magi Astrology for a minute now but I'm still confused about some Juno and Saturn interpretations/aspects.

For example, what are the effects of a Saturn Venus bond? How does the Venus person feel and what type of control does the Saturn person hold?

What is the meaning of Vesta opposite Juno in terms of natal aspects. I have Uranus square Juno, Uranus square Vesta, and the T-square is complete with Vesta opposite Juno. What does this mean for me? What would it mean if Vesta, Juno, and Uranus formed a grand trine instead of a T-square?

Help on these matters about Magi Astrology would be greatly appreciated,
Please and thank you

Almost forgot, I'd also like to know how a Mercury Juno linkage is interpreted in terms of Magi natal aspects.
I've been looking at Magi Astrology for a minute now but I'm still confused about some Juno and Saturn interpretations/aspects.

For example, what are the effects of a Saturn Venus bond? How does the Venus person feel and what type of control does the Saturn person hold?
Hi Cory, this can be a complicated subject and it depends on many variables. Any Saturn aspect that is either a clash or a linkage, ie square, opposition, quincunx, trine, or conjunction is what the Magi call a "Saturn captivation". This means that the Saturn person has much control over the non Saturn person. Are you the Venus person here? Just guessing since you are posting the question, leading me to believe that you feel someone may have a hold on you. I am not a certified Magi astrologer, but tinker with this in order to better understand my life and environment. I once had an advanced Magi astrologer who nearly gasped when she looked at my synastry with an ex and counted the captivations we had together, as they were the highest she had ever seen. We had a bumpy two year relationship, and got back together briefly 20 years later, ending the same way we did 20 years prior. From my limited experience, I see these captivations as a power struggle. The Saturn person has much control over the non Saturn person. This is very difficult dynamic and requires the couple to be very conscious of the energy exchange in the relationship. But here is the catch. It is very rare for a couple to have a perfect synastry chart. The reason I reckon is because we all have work to do here in this incarnation. If you want rest and relaxation, you've come to the wrong planet. Life here is about work, not vacation. You can't just rest and expect things to change, you need to keep on your toes and initiate that change within yourself. You should research more online if you really want to know more since it is quite complicated when you get into midpoints, Sedna, and Sappho

Venus rules money, luxury, beauty, things that make us feel good, love. How is the Saturn person affecting the Venus person in this way? Saturn gives us lack, delay, oppression in some cases.

If you don't have any super romantic linkages with this person, don't even bother unless you want a fling. Just to be nice, I will tell you what this is. It is a Chiron linkage to another persons Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Moon, Pluto, or Neptune, that goes on to link to another planet (not asteroid) in either chart. They must link within a 3-4 degree orb, as Magi astrology allows for one 4 degree orb in a SRL.

What is the meaning of Vesta opposite Juno in terms of natal aspects. I have Uranus square Juno, Uranus square Vesta, and the T-square is complete with Vesta opposite Juno. What does this mean for me? What would it mean if Vesta, Juno, and Uranus formed a grand trine instead of a T-square?
Think of the symbolism here. Juno=rules in marriage, Uranus=freedom, exploration, excitement, crowds, the world at large, Vesta=friendship. Looks to me you may have some karma to work out involving being loyal to friends and partners. Do you find that people get on your nerves after a time. Do you maintain close friendships? I ask the hard questions. Trines and conjunctions imply ease, while oppositions and squares imply difficulty. Capisce? :)
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Can someone help me figure my Magi CAC out? I am trying to learn M.A. but it's been difficult for me and I am seriously lacking the funds for help that way!!!

I have the basic software and romance interps. How do I tell if there is the dreaded Midpoint Saturn/Jupiter or Saturn Chiron Heartbreak/Nuclear clashes????

If there is someone out there that has the time and is willing, I sure would be deeply appreciative. If I found a real reason to let go, I would but can't.

My birthday: 9/21/1972 5:55pm Harrisburg, PA
His birthday: 8/9/1981 1:12am Fort Smith, Arkansas

We seem to have SEVERAL Romantic Super Linkages. I saw on Magi Helena website that we fit the soulmate parameters. I am not able to check the Heliocentric and again, don't know about the Midpoints. We are not together right now, he broke it when I was having Saturn sq. Venus and also Heartbreak transits (ouch)



It's good to see people discussing this. I have been looking for a while and couldn't find many places with an active discussion on Magi Astrology.

This is just my personal opinion, but I just want to point out something about their scientific claims. If something cannot be disproven, it's actually pseudoscience. My fair sense of it is that Magi in general runs along on thin lines, which is why believers often have to face the trolls.

That said I enjoy some of their ideas such as nuclear clashes, heartbreak clashes and chiron linkages, and has helped considerably for me in understanding some of my relationships with other people.

That's not a specific Magi astrology problem. It's an overall astrology problem. If you have an issue with that, you shouldn't be in here. And I should qualify that "you" as not YOU, but in general.

Just saying :)
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what would be the meaning of having someone's Chiron conjunct your Saturn? From what I gather, Magi Astrology does not like Saturn in relationships. The two Magi books I had did not give an explanation for this particular aspect. I am hoping someone can shed lights on this here for me. Thanks.

It's an emotional captivation, a bond. What is the orb?


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Re: magi astrology question- good versus bad linkages

BUT here's the question- we also have some of the worst aspects listed. we have a nuclear clash AND a heartbreak clash. his saturn squares my jupiter and my saturn quincunxes his chiron (within 3 degrees). ... these are some of the worst linkages talked about, yet we have THE best one as well (venus/chiron).

I have the Nuclear Clash in my marriage....I would tell anyone, no matter how much good (we have RSL with Venus/Chiron) to fast and as far as possible. That combined with a perhaps the best with that combination is that it would end faster...idk!?!? :)


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Hi, I hope I'm in the right place to post my question on Magi Planetary Geometry. What can you tell me about the significance of a Mystical Triangle in synastry? Mine involves Mars quincunx Jupiter square Sun-Pluto (conjunct) trine Mars-Chiron (conjunct), all within allowed orbs?

I have Moon-Venus square Saturn and a Mars square Saturn also with someone. Do these outweigh the Magical Triangle in synastry? How would these two configurations likely play out?
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Re: Magi Astrology:Cinderella?


My Jupiter is at 7:41 Vigo
My Venus is at 7:46 Cancer
My Chiron is at 8:17 Aquarius Rx
I have Chiron Venus Jupiter Yod which is a Cinderella Confirguration
Currently, I also have progressed Venus Conjuncting Natal Jupiter
I also have Transiting Neptune Trine Venus but Neptune is opposite Progressed Venus conjunct Jupiter
Can I realistically expect something wonderful to happen based on Magi Astrology principles?
Hi Courtney,

For any important 'first time' event, it is well advised for you to investigate a day that may incorporate BOTH of these elements. Reason being, that any really negative aspects to either your chart, or within the day chart, will now form a permanent link between you and it -- natalize it, as mentioned. Which means that either way you look at it, whatever and however bad the aspects are, will have some range of effect on your experiences there, and anytime you may visit there in the future. As an additional measure, you should also ensure that there are not any really bad aspects to Mercury or Uranus, as these imparticular relate to travel and airplanes... ;)

Very interesting to look for the Natalization of going to a country. Well, the first day I went to France there is some bad aspects to Mercury and Uranus, I just saw it. :(

Is there a way to go back in France to natalize something else that would make my connection to France better the second time?

Thanks for your help and insight.


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Hi Sven and Mystic (hope I got both names mind is kind of a blur right now from reading this entire novel of a thread....the pages just kept coming).

First, although this is several years late, I commend both of you for taking the time and patience to share your knowledge. I know firsthand the energy drain that can come with conveying what you know to a hungry (or doubtful) audience. This was a generous contribution from both of you.

Sven, I identified with many of your comments about astrology and your experience with it. I am a scholar at heart, and quite naturally reserve judgment from any person or concept. I love to hear it all, with an open mind, before making any judgments. Yet one of the most difficult qualities of astrological circles and forums is the rampant hostility or judgment between different schools of thought. It is challenging to find others who will engage on a genuine level of discovery and exchange, rather than having to fight through judgments and misconceptions. That's made it challenging to find genuine, goodhearted discourse that is free of egos.

That said, I have had difficulty getting an opportunity to weigh the merits of magi astro because it's so frequently prevented from fair discussion (by naysayers) and because magi knowledge and findings are not made easily accessible in a transparent way (by the organization). It puts those like me in a tough spot. But this thread was an excellent effort to close that gap, so thank you.

In firsthand experiences and through research, I've come to know just how powerful certain planets/aspects are in relationships, and one of those big hitters is definitely chiron. From what I seem to have gathered on magi info (on a superficial level -- because I am not a magi expert), it seems to simply be conclusions made from purely a statistical analysis. Whatever the framework or method is, some of their conclusions complement my own observations in synastry, such as the frequency of chiron aspects in certain kinds of relationships that bond on another level of awareness. I can also validate the exquisitely raw frequency of energy exchange on a physical/emotional/spiritual/psychic level....which is a completely different area of synastric study, as it seems magi, along with other schools of astro thought, don't like to get too esoteric or think along the lines of energy. But that doesn't matter. My point is that I get what you're saying, even if our method for getting there is different.

After reading through this entire thread, I didn't see any suggestions or interpretations offered for the conjunction of chiron to moon in synastry. That, along with conjunctions to angles, is often left out in magi info than what is publicly out there, probably because it requires birth times. I have my own knowledge of this from an evolutionary and psychological perspective, but I've always wondered how magi defined it in their work. Would you please share what you know? For ex, do you guys define it as "romantic," "sexual," or "Cinderella?"

Thanks for an interesting thread. I love learning new perspectives without judgment.

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Hi Sadge,

Yes, Magi Astrology is a huge body of knowledge and it keeps expanding. I have recently started working with it again and there has been many developments during the time I have been "asleep," so to speak.

Precisely - angles and moon are left out because they might introduce error, but the angles are generally considered "small suns" from my understanding.

There is a lot of information available on the net about Magi Astrology, specifically on the Magi Society's websites.

A good starting point would be here:


Thanks. I have seen that site before and I recall it didn't satisfy my questions. The information seemed very general rather than deeply educational. Perhaps I'll check it out again.

I do find these statistical approaches to be interesting.... and their findings seem to be roughly consistent with the existing body of knowledge in synastry. But I think those who are more depth-focused (like myself) will always want to complement these mathematical findings with the deeper meaning that's offered through modern and evolutionary approaches. At least that's the case for me. For ex, that website lists some aspects (linkages) as "sexual." Well.....duh. Got that right. But that's not enough for me. I need to know why, how, and what potential or purpose can be found in such interaspects, even the "negative" ones.

Thanks for your time. As always, there's plenty for us to learn in this world. I'll see if that site, or I, have changed at all. ;-)
No, not for going to France as such.
You could go to another town in France, I suppose, and then you'd have another natalization chart for that. But the France chart would still be active.
It would also depend on what planets your "bad" Mercury and Uranus aspects combine with...

Cheers, Sven
Hello Sven,

Thank you for your answer.

So, I have prepare aspects for THE day only and the transit with my planet (after that will follow an answer from Magi Helena to a person in regards of natalization. I just found it after the question i posted on that forum. So, maybe, there is a way to find a solution to natalize something else in Paris that would ameliorate our relationship (between Paris and me I mean).


May 3nd 2014 Paris, France, 8 h 00 AM



Saturn Scorpion 20°34'51 Retro. opposition Mercury taurus 21°2,31

Vesta Libra 18°52'31 Retro. quincunx Mercury taurus 21°2,31

Sedna taurus 23°56'20 conjunct Mercury taurus 21°2,31

Ceres Libra 21°21'48" Retro. quincunx Mercury taurus 21°2,31

Saturn-Chiron midpoint 18,39 capricorn/cancer trine Mercury taurus 21°2,31


Pluto Capricorn 13°29'51 Retro. square Uranus Aries 14°10'52"

Jupiter Cancer 15°18'31" square Uranus Aries 14°10'52"

Jupiter-Chiron midpoint 16,01 taurus/scorpio quincunx Uranus Aries 14°10'52"




MOON 18°48' 19" N parallel MERCURY 18°51'29" N contre-paralel PLUTO 20° 5'56" S


VESTA 3°50'13" N parallel URANUS 4°59'36" N parallel CERES 3°43'57" N




Venus Capicorn 20°45'31" quincunx Mercury Gemini 19°23'56"

Saturn Scorpio 19°46'48" quincunx Mercury Gemini 19°23'56"

Pluto Capricorn 11°56'58" square Uranus Aries 12°48'26"

Earth/Moon Scorpion 12°44'17" / 12°37'39" quincunx Uranus Aries 12°48'26"

Saturn-Chiron midpoint 16,54 capricorn/cancer quincunx Mercury Gemini 19°23'56"

Jupiter-Chiron midpoint 19,35 taurus/scorpio quincunx Mercury Gemini 19°23'56"



Saturn-Chiron midpoint 3,33,7 N parallel Mercury 3,36 N

Jupiter-Saturn midpoint 0,57,22 N contre-parallel Uranus 0°40'38" S





Transiting Venus Pisces 29°56'10" quincunx (SEPARATING) Mercury Leo 27,49,52

Transiting Pallas Leo 27°9'59" conjunct Mercury Leo 27,49,52


Transiting Mercury taurus 20°30'50" trine Uranus Virgo 23,11,59

Transiting Saturn Scorpio 20°35'58"Retro. (SEPARATING) sextile Uranus Virgo 23,11,59

Transiting Sedna Taurus 23°56'59" trine (SEPARATING) Uranus Virgo 23,11,59

makes a geometry of 1 opposition, 1 sextile, 1 trine (Is there a name for this geometry ?)






Transiting Saturn-Jupiter midpoint 3,41 N (SEPARATING) parallel URANUS 3°21'52" N




Transiting Venus Capricorn 20°21'48" quincunx Mercury Leo 23°19'56"

Transiting Jupiter-Saturn midpoint 22,28 virgo/pisces quincunx Mercury Leo 23°19'56"

Transiting Sedna taurus 24° 4'37" square (SEPARATING) Mercury Leo 23°19'56"


Transiting Jupiter Cancer 25° 7'39" sextile (SEPARATING) Uranus Virgo 24°29'10

Transiting Pallas Virgo 22°30'26" conjunct Uranus Virgo 24°29'10

Transiting Sedna Taurus 24° 4'37" trine Uranus Virgo 24°29'10

Transiting Jupiter-Saturn midpoint 22,28 virgo/pisces conjunct Uranus Virgo 24°29'10



Transiting VESTA 6,53 N parallel MERCURY 6°58'25" N

Transiting Mars 0°36'59" N parallel URANUS 0°45'34" N

Transiting Uranus 0°40'38" S contre-parallel URANUS 0°45'34" N

Transiting Pluto 0°42'21" S contre-parallel URANUS 0°45'34" N

Transiting Pallas 0°33' 4" S contre-parallel URANUS 0°45'34" N

Transiting Jupiter-Saturn midpoint 0,57,22 N parallel (SEPARATING) URANUS 0°45'34" N

SO, CONCLUSION, from what I see, the aspects of planets transiting my planets (mercury and uranus) were less bad then the aspects of the day by itself.

And here what I have found concerning another subjet and natalization:

Questions from Veronica: Natalizations

I think possibly good natal transits outweighs the bad magi days.
And I have a theory about repeated bad natalizations, like if you collect many bad dates for something, it will bomb the project eventually, like a nuclear effect.
One can collect many good times too this way.
Maybe it isn't only the first natalization that is alpha omega.
Oh, so there is a possibility if the first time was a bad date, to harness it on other days too.
Hm, how do one do that I wonder, if it is a one-time deal.
Like to hear more:)

Hi Veronica,
Good transits help to offset bad days, but do not overpower them.
The day of a natalization rules one piece of the puzzle, the transits rule another piece.

Here is an excerpt from an earlier FB question:

"Ideally, in choosing a natalization date, we can find a day with excellent aspects which also forms excellent linkages with our natal chart. However, this isn’t always possible.
Here is the reason we choose a day in which we have superior personal transits over a day with superior aspects, but without superior personal transits:

The chart of the day of a natalization is the chart of the entity or enterprise in itself. Obviously if possible, we want this to be a strong day. The combined chart (CAC) between you and the day (your transits on that day) shows what you can get from the entity or enterprise. I like to think of this as the “harvest”… the CAC shows what you can potentially reap from the entity or enterprise, for good AND for ill.
For example, we could set up a company on an excellent day, but if we don’t have the necessary golden, silver and cinderella linkages with that day, we will be unable to profit from the company for some reason, despite its excellent natalization date."

And yes, natalizations do have a cumulative effect.
Think of each natalization as creating an energy imprint.
The natalization of the entity creates the major energetic pattern, and then like attracts like.
So strong initial natalizations tend to attract beneficial subsequent natalizations and poor initial natalizations ten to attract poor subsequent natalizations.

In the case of something which had an inadvertently poor natalization, you can help to at least shift some of the energy to the positive by carefully selecting subsequent natalizations.
A business with a poor incorporation could always re-incorporate on a favorable day. Until that day came, the business could at least do subsequent things on good days, such as
signing a lease,
opening a bank account,
buying a domain name,
launching a website,
hiring key employees,
meeting important clients, etc.
None of these smaller natalizations would overpower a bad incorporation date, but each one would help some until the new incorporation date arrived.
I hope this helps to clarify! Blessings, MH

So, this being said, maybe if I find many ways to natalize someting in Paris on good days, the imprint and cumulations of natalization will help with my relation with Paris. Who knows ? :) Now I have to be very creative to find ways to natalize something different and positive in Paris...
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I was looking synastry chart of me and my ex, must be this retrograde mercury haha and i noticed we have lots of chiron aspects.

His chiron
Chiron Sextile Mercury 5.03
Chiron Sextile Mars 5.90
Chiron Sextile Pluto 3.29
Chiron Square True Node 2.11
Chiron Conjunction Vertex 0.49
Chiron Opposition Ascendant 5.83
Chiron Square Midheaven 0.49

My chiron
Neptune Quincunx Chiron 2.50
Mars Conjunction Chiron 0.48
Sun Opposition Chiron 5.29
Juno Conjunction Chiron

In relationship we had one big problem which i couldnt solve and i still dont know why even now i still think why we couldnt solve that and we loved each other,during that time with him i was so emotional so was he, i shared with him my deepest wounds and we would cry together cuz of my wounds thats when i realized i have deep isuess myself with my past and family.

He left me cuz it was too emotional always he always had to heal me, that what i realized later and i was immature back then i didnt realize that our relationship was i guess too much i dont know.

Its still strange that he is not in my life anymore i always had feeling that he will be in my life forever even now,it doesnt matter if it is like friend or something.
After relationship i decided to work on my wounds it kind a opened my eyes and be more mature person soo maybe chiron opens wounds in other person so that person can start healing.
Just one last point and I'll leave you be:

Please explain to the forum what the "requirements of the Society in order to retain this information" might be.

Why don't you ask the Magi yourself?
also their database of birthdates and marriage charts are public information that they've gathered, you can do the same.

I've used their concepts in my own life and have found the following:
every one of my 4 siblings and I were married to our spouses in which we shared a mars/chiron linkage. Two of my brothers also have mars/chiron linkages with each of their 2 sons. My 2 daughters have a mars/chiron linkage with their dad. My mom has a neptune/chiron linkage with each of her five children. This is not coincidence. Chiron is a soulmate/family linkage. I have learned nothing else of astrology until I was introduced to Magi, bc finally things make sense, and are accurate.


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Important Facts You Should Know About Magi Astrology:

1. Analyses of over 75,000 charts of married couples has been conducted, in order to arrive at their conclusions about what constitutes true love and marriage between people astrologically. The results revealed unequivocally, that Chiron is the planet of relationships and marriage.

2. With proper training and usage of Magi concepts, results of this system of astrology have shown an over 77% rate of accuracy. Not only does this go far beyond the requirements of being scientifically significant, but no other method of astrology has ever been able to offer or support such similar results themselves.

3. In order to fully be able to benefit from learning Magi Astrology, it is best to completely clear your mind of any other forms of astrology you have previously learned, and virtually make your mind a 'clean slate' -- otherwise referred to in ancient times as a 'tabula rasa'... in other words, a blank page.

The main reason for this, is that the essential structure, many of the concepts, planets of importance, definitions, terminologies, and the charts that are used themselves, are or can be completely different from what you have learned in other methods of astrology.

4. Magi Astrology uses 4 dimensions of charts, in order to arrive at its analyses of anything; unlike other forms of astrology which only use 1 dimension. It is understood through this system, that 75% of the information needed in order to arrive at an accurate conclusion about anything from relationships to house purchasing questions, is missing from other forms of astrology.

I will continue to add more information like this in time... :)
I can attest to the fact that they really do work. And I didn’t know about 75,000 but that seems to be pretty good about for a scientific study.