Lunar returns create DRAMA


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There's been a definite trend, in my life, at least, of the monthly Lunar return throwing everything out of whack. People annoy me, things go wrong, I'm pulled in a million different directions when all I really want to do is be alone and relax...I'm too emotional for my own good as it is. And I'm a woman, so sometimes it even triggers THAT TIME (unrelated to the other things).

But the aspect isn't always exact, and sometimes the catastrophes are far worse than other times (see my other thread on Saturn transiting over my Moon...Shani Sade Sati they call it. Painful stuff.). In my example the Moon only has to be IN Scorpio and stuff starts happening. What are your experiences with Moon returns?


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What profected year are you in? That might be the cause of some of it. Moon is detrimented in Scorpio, is it otherwise afflicted natally?

Use whole signs for profection, e.g., if 22 Leo rises, a second-year profection would be a Virgo year, third-year profection Libra, etc. even though those may not match up with quadrant house systems.

Table attached shamelessly stolen from Paul.


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