Lunar Return Notes


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Lunar Return Notes:

Lunar Return Notes:

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Interpreting the return charts is very similar to reading a natal chart, with the exception that all of the patterns showing in a return chart will develop to full maturity in a very short period of time, rather than over the course of a lifetime. The Solar Return works as a sort of auxiliary natal chart, each for just one year. The chart patterns show the foundation from which one will be working to follow the basic life purpose. This point in time is an important part of the life cycle and the resulting chart shows how the stage is set.

If the progressed configurations have been considered, it becomes a much simpler task to predict specific events. By knowing the underlying plot to the story, as shown in the progressions, it is easier to extract the major themes as they recur in the return chart, and judgment of particular aspects is more accurate. For example, one might be dismayed to find Saturn on an angle of the Solar Return, especially if in hard aspect to another planet. But unless the progressed chart shows the formation of several exact stressful aspects with Saturnine undertones, such a configuration is no reason for worry. It likely signals delays or a challenge to be overcome.

Because the Sun is the most important feature in a nativity, describing the character, ego drive, and destiny of the individual, the Solar Return can be used to find events in the near future that are of great significance on the pathway of life. Any planets falling on an angle of the Solar Return are of highest priority and show events coming within the year that reflect the nature of such a planet. If there are found to be exact angular placements of the natal planets, by inserting these onto the Solar Return wheel, they too are of high priority. The new chart is showing that conditions are ideal for the energies of that natal planet to manifest. The angles always provide an outlet for planetary energies.

One of the best auspices to look for in the Solar Return is a well aspected Sun. This provides for greater ease in pursuing one's life direction in the year that follows. The vitality is unencumbered, and assistance will come through others along the way. Adverse aspects to the Sun provide testimony to the types of challenges that will be encountered, as described by the planet in aspect. Having Jupiter, Venus, or the Sun on an angle of the chart and well aspected is a year to look forward to! Unless there are major countering themes, the year will bring great happiness and benefits.

Since the Moon is an important indicator of the daily tempo of life and reflects upon personal fluctuations, using the Solar and Lunar returns together is far more revealing than using either of them alone. Just as the natal horoscope is used as a foundation in reading progressions and transits, the Solar Return chart can be used to interpret the 13 Lunar Returns which fall within the year over which it presides.

When a Lunar Return closely matches the Solar Return by house cusps and house placements of the outer planets, a climatic four weeks will follow. In fact, this is likely to be the month in which the most important yearly events will take place. The most eventful period of the year will often find the same degree rising in the Lunar Return that was rising in the Solar Return. The Lunar Return Sun falling on an angle of the Solar Return also indicates an eventful period. When the Lunar Return Sun falls on a degree that activates an important Solar Return configuration, major yearly events indicated by the specific grouping will occur.

Rather than simply referring to the motion of the Sun through the Solar Return, top consideration should be given the degree it holds in the Lunar Return. This is another cyclic point, and the exact placements of planets in the return charts are far more potent than simple transits. This technique of superimposing the Lunar Return chart upon the Solar Return will supplement the Lunar Return chart reading. Detailed information comes to light through exact links made between the two charts that would otherwise go unnoticed, and timing can be better established.

For example; if a marriage ceremony is indicated in the Solar Return, it will be most likely to take place when the Lunar Return Sun lines up with the Solar Return 7th house. Of course, other planetary activity must be considered. Venus and Mars together in the sign of Libra or positioned together in the 7th or 10th house of the Lunar Return would also be appropriate indicators for such an event. The marriage may be the individual's own or someone else's, and such details can be found among the remaining chart indicators.

Similarly, being put in the spotlight career-wise is most likely to occur during the time period in which the Sun travels through the 10th house of the Solar Return. Events along these lines will be quite spectacular if the Lunar Return for the period finds the Sun on the cusp of the Solar Return 10th house. The days to expect the most activity during the Lunar Return period are when the Moon transits the angles of this chart.

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A New or Full Moon appearing in either return chart has special significance. The New Moon shows the birth of something new and a sort of congealing of separate energies into one area that stimulates enthusiasm. The sign and house position of the New Moon gives the details, and unless there are many adverse aspects to the configuration, it is usually one to look forward to. The Full Moon is indicative of the completion of something and again it usually shows the culmination of a cooperative effort in accordance with the signs and houses involved. A Full Moon is slightly more inclined to signify an unfavorable event than a New Moon.

The first natal planet to rise to the Ascendant of any return chart will usually set the precedence for events to follow, with the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter inclining to favors, benefits, and pleasant social affairs. Saturn indicates business dealings, issues involving authorities, and possible delays involving important matters. Each of the planets will stamp their personal signature to the time period when first to rise.

A heavily tenanted sign or house will often lead the chart according to sign characteristics and/or issues pertaining to the emphasized house. Elemental prominence as well as hemispheric prominence should also be considered. A sign's mode of expression will influence the particular house that it rules. The fixed signs show permanence and stabilizing qualities, mutable signs show fluctuations, and cardinal signs show personal action. Blending the elements with these shows an accent on the initiation of activity if a fire sign; on intellectual affairs if an air sign; and on psychological issues if a water sign. Further consideration of the particular sign will bring even more definition to each of the houses.

The houses of the return in which important natal planets fall also reveal details about the ensuing time period. If a return planet falls on a natal planet, then significant events relating to the house occupied by the pair will find the two planetary natures working together, either in harmony or discord. This is determined by the natal relationship of these planets and by the aspects made to them in the return.

In addition to the major themes showing in a return, a multitude of details adds up to a big picture. For instance, the area of the natal chart that is found occupying the 12th house of the Lunar Return is an area that is temporarily closed off from the individual, sort of in exile. There is an element of mystery here; maybe a secret or a missing piece of important data.

If it is the natal 2nd house lying within the boundaries of the 12th house of the Lunar Return, the individual may need to refrain from disclosing a financial matter or may be waiting to learn the outcome of a financial issue. This blending technique can be used for each of the houses in the return chart with reference to the traditional house meanings.

If a planet in the return is within a degree of forming a sextile or trine to the 2nd house cusp, the planet represents a line of assistance to one's income and resources, both private and cooperatively, since the 8th house cusp would also be favorably aspected. This would be the same with any planet to any house cusp, and an exact adverse aspect would show a block or challenge to the affairs of the house it is linked to. The nature of the planet along with the people and things it rules will reveal the particular type of assistance or challenge.

Wherever Gemini is found in the Solar or Lunar Return indicates an area of duplicity or multiplicity. If found on the 2nd house cusp, there may be income from two or more sources; if on the 7th, two experts may need to be consulted; if on the 6th, one may hold two jobs or be spread very thin to meet service obligations. The mutable signs always show areas that are undergoing fluctuation; whereas fixed signs show stability, and cardinal signs show initiative and enterprise.

If one of the inner planets rules the Ascendant, and is retrograde at the onset of the return, the chance for significant personal reversals is increased. This guideline can be extended to reveal potential reversals in the area of the chart ruled by Mercury, Venus, or Mars, if retrograde at the onset of the return.

Interceptions are important, since they may limit an outflow of energy involving the natal houses intercepted. For example, having the 6th and 12th natal houses intercepted in the 1st and 7th of the Return could show health/hospitalization issues. This particular enclosure of the 6th/12th axis shows that health/hospitalization matters will find an outlet through the 1st and 7th houses. The 1st reflects a physical outlet and the 7th suggests that the "other people" for the time period may be the doctors and hospital personnel as signified by the 12th.

Of course, in this particular illustration, there would be several additional indicators of illness in both the Solar and Lunar returns, and this bit of evidence would be useful to corroborate other findings. Look to the house position of the rulers of intercepted signs for an outlet of energies.
If one of the Moon's nodes falls in conjunction with a return planet, that planet will manifest more dynamically than usual, and issues associated with it will be of increased importance during the return period. The North Node falling on the Ascendant of the return provides many benefits for the period. One is easily able to lead and set the pace; and personal timing is excellent for gaining the support and cooperation of others.

Upcoming eclipses should be noted in case they stimulate an important configuration or point in the return chart. They are quite powerful even if occurring on a house cusp. In addition to the enormous significance of the nodes and eclipses, there are a few other specialized points that reveal great detail when found emphasized in the returns. The Aries Point, which actually includes the first degree of any of the cardinal signs, as well as a fixed group of stars called the Pleiades, are two of these specialized points. The Pleiades are located near the last degree of Taurus.

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Yes, the lunar return is when the moon comes to the exact degree and sign of your natal moon which occurs monthly. It is your monthly cycle so to speak. The sun will be moving forward each month into a new sign.


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You can do a lunar return each month to track the progress and daily events often foretold in your solar return.
A lunar return month in which the ASC or MC is near or close to the MC or ASC of your solar or visa versa should be a significant month of the year. When your lunar return has your natal ASC or MC on the ASC or MC again this will be a significant month. When your lunar sun appears on the Solar ASc and MC again take note of it.
I have been tracking them this year and it has been quite helpful.