Lunar Return Asc =Nat Desc. MC=Nat IC


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Immediate need for a read here! Lunar Return was May 25, so the situation is in effect for only a few more weeks.

I have permission to share these charts. In fact, I have been asked to post this question here, on behalf of the this person.

The current Lunar Return of his Natal Chart, has the ASC conjunct Natal Desc, and Lunar Return MC conjunct Natal IC. Natal Mercury is conjunct Natal MC.

Isn't this "flip" an indicator of a significant month of the year, and perhaps a most significant month in the life of this person?

It looks to me like matters of natal home and family come to light, or gain public identity, during this Lunar Month, May 25 to June xx.

His birthday is coming soon.

What else would you read in this biwheel? Is there any help for finding work?

Note the trine of Lunar Return Jupiter, Mercury and Midheaven, in 2nd, 6th, 10th. Could be fortunate for employment, right?

This person needs help finding work in Nigeria. Very tough times there. Please help.

It seems there may be some immediate advantages to try and capture.
Can you identify them?
Thank you.


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Could some one tell me why there are no responses to this query?
Have I done something wrong?
Thank you.