Lunar Eclipse 12-10-11 conjuncts my Uranus exact


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I wonder if anyone can shed light on this. I just found out the lunar eclipse will be 18.11 degrees Gemini tomorrow morning. My natal Uranus is 18.15 degrees Gemini in the fifth house.

I have lyme disease and started a new treatment. It is photon LED near infared light therapy (sure does tie in with Uranus). I have sharp pain in one knee that came out just a couple of weeks ago and has progressively worsened. Otherwise I feel better than I have in years.

My progressed ascendant in Aries is sextile natal Uranus soon (seems like the electronic LLLT light therapy might be helpful) but progressed Mars in Pisces is square natal Uranus in May (my knee sometimes feels like I was stabbed).

Progressed sun is trine natal saturn almost exact right now (my general health is better).

Progressed Moon is sextile natal sun in about ten days.

With lyme disease borellia often flares with full moons. My borellia infection has been dormant for two years (other infections were active) but when it was active, an eclipse was a very bad time - very sick.

I feel ok most of the time during this eclipse but I have occasional sharp pains. The last two days have been the worst and I just saw there was going to be an eclipse and found out it is almost an exact conjunction. Any ideas of what this means? Thank you.