Luck and fortune


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Abby, my advice was to start SAVING money now. You are already working.....being a mom is like working 24/7. Stop discrediting that. It is the toughest work out there, I know.

Also....38-42 will be big, but not because it's easy. Its rarely "easy" for anyone psychologically. You will have clarity, confidence, and experience on a new level. You will know yourself, and love yourself, on a new level. But it's a product of everything that's happened before.

Save money. Love yourself. That is the task for now. ;-)

I'm looking back at this and you are so right. Almost two years later and I can't believe how right u were. Things were so bad in 2017 and flat out dangerous for me. But now? Now I'm strong. Its amazing how strong I am. I think my encounter with Dan last year (2 months) is to thank for the change. His positive energy transmitted to me and lifted me away from that hell hole. So powerful. I later used that positive energy he transmitted. I'm using it with my husband and kids and were doing all things Jupiter. I'm discovering that it's all things Jupiter that the in laws hate. They hate that I'm a different ethnicity. They hate they can't control me. They hate my positive and emotionally abundant free spirit. They hate my leadership qualities. They hate what I want to teach my kids and how I raise my kids. But its all because it's different. But stiff sh*t. It's my life. I will live it my way. They have no right to abuse me in an ATTEMPT me. I have more power and I'm owning that RIGHT NOW. I've rediscovered my power thanks to beautiful astrology and I'm standing my Jupiter in sag ground. And like u said sadge, in two years time I can totally see where I'm going and its in a much better place. Im stronger than ALL of them. I just never realised it.