Love problem


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Hello all,

I love a girl and she also loves me a lot,,,but all of sudden she stopped speaking to me, then i came to know the reason was because of her parents.

I want to know if we both get married? will our love materialize in to marriage?

12.Dec.11984, time 18:15, Hyderabad, India

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10.May.1987, time: 10:35, trivandrum, India

Thank you

Dear raj,
match making result is good 22.5/36
and both r mangli so thats a good for both,
in girl kundali shukra, guru,rahu is in 10 house create a marriage problem in kundali
boy kundali-- paap kartari yoga create marriage problem in boys kundali.
love marriage yoga is in your kundali along with above the mentioned problem.