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Hi, i am in love with this boy, and i think he feels something for me, but we had some sort of fight, and now he acts like he hates me. I asked horary question : Will we be together? I got this cart. Ascendant is in Taurus and Venus(me) is in 6th house in Scorpio. Seventh house is in Scorpio and Mars (him) is in 6th house conjuction with Venus.So there are probably some feelings on his side too.Venus feels weak in 6th house, and in Scorpio, wich is her egzil position, meaning that i am very weak in this moment.But Venus is on the very end of 6th house , makes opposition to ascendant, and soon will be in my 7th house, his first.I am not sure how to interpret this.Mars is strong in Scorpio, but he is in his 12th house too. Does that mean that he is hiding his feelings for me, if he loves me, and that he doesent want relationship with me?Moon is in my 11th house in Pisces and makes trine with Venus and Mars. Does it represent my hopes for his feelings?Bouth Ascedant and our rulers are in fix signs.I dont know wath my cart mean. will we be together.Please help


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Seems like he likes you and the answer is yes. Venus and Mars will conjunct on October 2nd. Tell us if something happens between you two..

As for any other issues, I'm not that advanced to shed light on what is exactly going on in a horary chart, but for the most part the answer is yes.


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ur significators : venus & moon
his significators : mars & sun

venus conjunct the descendant & in scorpio(mars domicile) = u adore him
moon in pisces = mars triplicity = u r attached to him
moon(ur feelings) in the 11H of hopes.

mars in scorpio = he's busy & into himself.
mars in venus detriment & moon's fall = he has issues with u said he acts as if he hates u..he does dislike an aspect of ur personality.
doesnt luk lk he hs any romantic feelngs 4 u @ d moment.
mars is @ 4 deg scorpio = 4 weeks/days bk wn mars ws in libra(ur domicile),he did adore u.

sun(his animal nature) is about to chng signs & move into libra(venus domicile)..his animal nature will b very interstd in u....
sun in virgo in moon's triplicity & venus fall = he has issues with ur sexuality. but is quite intersted in ur emotional nature.

moon will be opposing the sun which = another confrontation or separation.