Love Predictions for Sept 15 Full Moon


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What would you predict, a rekindled relationship or a break up with a Libra rising Virgo man, considering the following transits...

  • Transiting Virgo Sun conjunct natal North Node in the 5th house
  • Tr Virgo Sun opposite Tr Pisces Moon/Uranus all square my natal Venus/Neptune in the 7th. (A T-square)
  • Tr Libra Venus/Mars/Mercury in the 6th conjunct my natal Pluto/Vertex (and conjunct his Ascendant)
  • Tr Saturn exactly conj my natal Saturn (and his Sun) and opposite my Moon.
  • Tr Uranus/Moon trine my natal Uranus in the 6th
  • Tr Neptune/Chiron/North Node in Aqua trine my Pluto/Vertex.
  • Im an Aqua but my Sun is 6 deg from Tr Chiron, and 8 deg from Tr North Node.
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Any guesses? Im beginning to feel like nothing special will happen... I told him off in a mean sort of way during the new moon on Aug 30th...well I was being honest in what I thought/felt.

Heres how the planets will be aligned on Sept 15th...

Im experiencing my first Saturn Return
And my Venus is at 23 deg Sagittarius conjunct Neptune at 19 deg Sag.

To my Venus/Neptune conjunctere there are both negative aspects (from tr Sun, Moon and Uranus) and positive aspects (from Venus, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, North Node, and Pluto?)

If anything happens in or around that day i'll post here...
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On the night of the full moon I got a shock alright...not anything at all what I would have fathomed. Not even remotely related to the Virgo...havent heard a word from the *%$&. He has a 12th house Mercury Rx square frustrating for this Mercury conjunct Mars on the MC!!!!!!!!

Anyways the shock came from the father of one of my students. My students parents invited me over...more like his father...for dinner. Im not going to go into the detail but his father was trying to romance me and still is...a married man, my students father!! the nerve of some people. ive been feeling upside down for the past week. I feel really bad for his wife and kids...their too sweet.

I have no idea what the natal chart of my students father is, nor do I care to know. All I know is that hes a Leo.

On the day of the full moon, my idealistic so in love with love 7th house Venus/Neptune didnt like the tense t-square formed by the full moon's Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon/Uranus. This experience really broke my heart, not for me, but for my student and his mother...It also made me more pessimisitc about finding my future husband...God willing I find a faithful one...most men Ive encountered arent made that way :/