Love of my life- please help me interpret our composite

I appreciate any feedback. We are madly in love.


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The bundle pattern of the chart shows that you two can create a tight little insular world, for just the two of you. That can feel very intimate and I can see you have a tight bond.

But even within your own little world, there is some dissension. Mars conjunct Jupiter squaring Saturn= bickering, arguing and power battles over petty issues, at times.

The Saturn in Pisces in the 1st tells me that you have probably experienced other incarnations together. and the trine to the Sun, from the ruler of the 12th and 11th, say that this life is built upon those past experiences.

However the Mars/Jupiter squares are not going to make it that easy for you this time around. There are competing ideologies, and/or differences in cultural or religious beliefs, that spark tensions. Each individuals goals/ambitions may clash with one another. It might be hard to stay on the same page in terms of where to spend time, resources and energy. :sideways:

On the soul level, there is Universal, unconditional love. Saturn in Pisces, sextiling Uranus/Neptune gives you each the opportunity to feel that cosmic love and devotion. :innocent:

But on the material earth plane, the Mars/Jupiter squaring the Saturn brings trouble agreeing on life goals and career ambitions and mundane plans. :alien:

Moon conjunct Venus in Sag in the 9th might be strong enough Luck to help you stay together and work though things with optimism and faith. :love:
This was so insightful and accurate for me. I very much relate to the insular world part- we are both very outgoing however when we get together we are very much that way... like to stay home a lot. Also definitely agree on the things we need to work on and the past life situation. He always has said he's known me in other lives and has felt strongly about that. I appreciate your feedback so much thank you!