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My dob is 30aug 1991,tob is 7:40am ,place of birth is there any possibility in my chart to have love marriage ?


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reyrpm :

My dob is 30aug 1991,tob is 7:40am ,place of birth is varanasi.

is there any possibility in my chart to have love marriage ?

hope helps take stock, and draw inferences,

jup lord 7th for marriage conjunct venus lord 9th for luck-dharma,
suggestive of arranged marriage and prosperity in foreign lands,
through artistic aptitudes, medicine, hospital management etc

lords 1/7 mer-jup over cancer-leo 2/12 friendly signs,
mutually inclined in marriage;

rahu now transit cancer 11th, gains from foreigners, foreign friends;
asc lord mer over 11th, gains through communications-writings;

separative ketu now 1.5yr transit natal sat cap 5th,
detachment from luck-edu-romance-children-position;
pain-injury-surgery heart-stomach-knees etc;

natal sat own cap 5th, technical aptitudes, public admin, trainer, etc
mer-sat opp, quantitative-statistical aptitudes, negotiation skills;
sat after 2 yrs moves to own sat cap 5th;

jup lord 7th for marriage now transit libra 2nd for family-finances opp moon,
scope for marriage these months, hopefully; or when
jup year end and come 019 moves to scorpio 3rd trine mer cancer 11th,
trine aspect own pisces 7th supportive and protective of marriage;

sat 5th lord for romance placed 6/8 with jupiter lord 7th for marriage,
prone to conflict in love marriage;

hope helps reflect further,

wishing well, kshantaram
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reyrpms :

sat own cap 5th ambitious and hardworking,
good for luck-edu-position and inclined to marriage with person of choice,
but not collaborating with 7th house and lord jupiter for marriage,
or with venus lord 9th for luck and significator for marriage;

pisces 7th inimical-malefic for virgo asc,
stress-delays in marriage-vocation;

sat-mer opp negotiation skills; mer asc lord 11th
gains from friends, intellect, communications, writings, etc;

currently ketu separative node transit sat,
detachment from luck-edu-romance-children-position; pain-injury-surgery;

rahu now transit mer-cancer 11th, gains from foreigners-foreign friends;
sat-mer opp may be negotiating friendships/relationship;
while ketu transit sat tends to detachment from romance/relationship now?
more tending to abortion, cesarian in child-birth.

may be sat moving to own cap 5th 2yrs later
may make romance-love marriage possible,
may be with persons much older in age;

while sat transit 5th seeks change but stuck,
negating employment prospects;
sat cap 5th aptitude for public admin

sat return need for critical long-term decisions of life;

hence nothing may be impossible,
with various shades of possibilities time to time, and the downsides;

jup transit scorpio mid-019/Q-2 trine aspect own pisces 7th for marriage,
and trine elevated aspect mer cancer 11th for income-gains-friendships-relationship;

mid-020, inimical jup transit own sag 4th, trine moon,
trine jup-sun-venus for relationship, foreign lands;
while domestic matters under stress;

2 yrs later inimical jup transit natal sat cap 5th for romance;under stress;
prone to conflict in mutual love relationship/marriage, in probability;

pl ack and discuss ground feedbacks, to tread with care,
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Would rather appreciate feedback and discussion about the reading offered.

sat natal lord 5th sextile natal lord 7th for marriage in the navamsa,
lords venus-jupiter unfriendly, tending to be merely dutiful sans mutual charm.

separative sun over sensitive cancer 5th for romance in the navamsa.

virgo-mer 7th inimical in the navamsa, stress-delays in the marriage, square saturn;

venus-ketu separative node over impulsive aries 2nd, detachment from family-finances;

Appreciate your determination, wishing you well,
true love marriages do not need synastry or astrology,
ready to cope with come what may,

hope astro observations give feel of the chart and planets,



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while you will not care to discuss the reading already offered,
making the thread interesting;
this is not a free reading and prediction forum,
this is astrology discussion forum;

could share both what you find true-untrue about the readings offered,
and what you are seeking and what you think of the relevance of the readings
in real life situation and the prospects and the struggles.

wishing you all well again, kshantaram