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I'd love to hear a deeper analysis of my chart, it'd be much appreciated :love:
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Firstly, for a proper evaluation you should consider posting your chart with progressions and transits on same wheel found in extended chart selection. Reduce the ratio of orbs to 80%, select smallest image size 63% on picture,then choose house system (my personal preference is for Equal house rather than the default of placidus), right mouse click and select 'save target pic as' and save to hard drive then upload here

I have 4out of10 in fixed and Aquarius Asc so yes stubborn, don't usually change tack once I've made a decision to do something or commit to something. Without fixed signs, not a lot would get finished would it?
I do however have Saggi MC which is mutable and my mars in gemini is mutable and I have moon in 3rd mutable house to....

I hope you take a minute to introduce yourself properly in the correct forum pls?