Lost old Man


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This old man, who may suffer from Alzheimer's, has being lost since 05/13/2013. He may have gone off without someone noticing and has not being found. Made a chart about it:

--Where is he?

--is he alive?

--Will he be found?

I am inclined to say that he will be found (Mercury both signifies the 1st and 10th house, and both luminaries are above horizon).

He was last seen walking near a beach or on a street that is near a beach. He is of dark skin.




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Sorry to learn about that.

To get the correct house in HOrary, we would need to know your relationship to this old man.



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He is a stranger to me.

MC- Lower part is Cancer-near water? Sag 4th house: near horses/near street?

moon in the third last part: he is "moving" or been moved?
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Some notes taken from:




old man-where is he?

lower mid h- Cancer

The lower mid heaven will describe the location of the missing object according to the nature of the sign: water signs will indicate the nearness of water, moisture or water pipes

fire signs symbolize walls and the proximity of the source of heat and light.

4th house-Sag

The symbolism of a sign can be substituted by a close aspect of the Moon or the lot of fortune with some planet so the location of the missing object can also be sought by delineating the symbolism of a planet, not the lower mid heaven exclusively. If the Moon is placed in the last third (face) of a sign, this indicates that the missing or stolen object often changes its location.

Moon in the third last of 11th house- Leo

If the 7th doesn’t contain any planet, then the thief is described by the 9th because it is a house of the Moon’s mundane detriment.
Mars symbolizes slim, middle statured, muscular and very aggressive man of rough manners. His face is markedly oval or with a prominent jaw.

If there’s a luminary in some of the mentioned houses, then the appearance of the thief is delineated according to the planet in a close aspect with that luminary.

Mars often signifies a younger male below the age of 40

Equally, a younger person will be described by an oriental significator,

If the significator of a thief is placed in the same sign with the Sun, it indicates a man who has already committed theft and this theft is not his first.

Mars in a close aspect with the Moon or the ascendant often shows violent burglary

Fire-4th house-Mid-upper areas; near fireplaces, chimneys, stoves and ovens;near warm dry places; sources of heat;near walls; near iron; EAST

lower mid c-water-Low places; damp areas; near water; bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms; near water lines;rivers, lakes,oceans;NORTH

If the signifier...is in human signs, it is in a place people frequent;

If the Moon is in fiery signs, it is near heat or fire, someplace warm and dry.

Lower MC-Cancer
This place might be a grocery store, bakery, saloon, tavern, cafeteria,dairy barn, lodges, public buildings, restaurant, nursery school, laundryfacility, and reservoir.

IF THE ARTICLE IS OUTDOORS:It might be near or in a brook, lake, canal, ditch, river, ocean, pool of water, well, outside fountain, vegetable garden, swimming pool area,around a fire hydrant, picnic tables, active stream, a relaxing spot whereone might nap for a short time.

If Cancer indicates direction turn North.CORRESPONDING COLORS ARE: green, pearl, silver, or cream.

This place might be a banquet hall, cathedral, church, courthouse,gambling hall, doctor's house, stable, racing track, college, anduniversity, places of public function, lawyer's office, bookstore, andlecture hall

IF THE ARTICLE IS OUTDOORS:It can be on hills and highlands, near or on land which is best seen byraising your eyes to view it, near a maple or an oak tree, places wherehorses are allowed to graze, where horseback riding is done, on slopinggrounds.

If Sagittarius indicates the direction turn East by South.CORRESPONDING COLORS ARE: blue violet, magenta, wine

(4th house cusp-on the decanate of Aries):
IF THE ARTICLE IS OUTDOORS:It can be near or on sandy grounds, newly opened tracts of land or landrecently plowed, virgin land, burned land or barren hills, tool sheds, near a pine tree, storage place for a lawnmower. If Aries indicates direction turn East.CORRESPONDING COLORS ARE: bright red or red/orange.

MC lower-Cancer in the decanate of Piscis-Piscis Ruler-Jupiter-In Gemini

IF THE ARTICLE IS OUTDOORS:It can be on or near a hill or other high place, the side of the driveway,barren ground, a place where one might take a daily walk, an areawhere the mailbox is, a brother or sister's home, a neighbor's home, acar, bus, telephone booth, side of the road, or in or near a garage.
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He was found :) yesterday, (maybe in the evening?). The place where he was took was a coastal town veeery far from where he was lost (to the west), a shelter or guest house of some sort and then was taken to a hospital to the east of where he was found. I will note that the town of where he finally ended up, has been nicknamed as a "Cowboy city" (Could this be a reflectionof the 4th house Sag.?).

I also notice that maybe the Gemini 10th house, with Jupiter there (ruler of the 4th), also pointed out something about "public", and, who knows, the Mercury image (ruler of the 10th in the 9th) has also something to do with the medicine (the greek Caduceus symbol & the Asclepious rod symbol).

So, thank God (and the good natured person (persons) who found him) for the good ending. :)