Lost memory card, sadness.


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Good evening everyone

Well...I've really done it this time.

I have lost a memory card :confused:

I have turned the place upside down.
My partner has turned the place upside down.
I have turned my office upside down
My partner has turned the office upside down.

We both even turned up with torches at the local train station to see if we could find this thing. I remember having it yesterday morning. I do not have it today


As with all of these things, it has personal data on it, pictures and stuff. So I am back to my usual panicky self (see lost digital recorder post many years ago).
All I know from that chart is that seems to be with someone else.
I don't know how likely I am to recover this item if at all. If I look at that chart, recovery looks slim to none - the item is far from me. The moon is far from me too. Maybe I don't understand enough, but that's what it looks like.

I also don't like the way mercury is square uranus. This is some kind of shock news? That's how I see it.

Off topic, I am feeling very low and very stupid at the moment. I am not saying this for attention, I'm just in a bad place and I just don't need this added strain.

If anyone will look at my personal chart I would be grateful for a glimmer of hope right now - I'll take anything at the moment!