Lost knitting pattern


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well. somehow I've managed to lose a knitting pattern that I was working from. it's not as simple as just getting a new one - it's something that I am working *on* and it's actually in the process of being copyrighted, which makes me feel completely useless at the moment.


i have had a stab at this chart. how many ways can it tell me 'no, you're not getting it back'. sun/moon under earth. ruler of the 2nd in 7th - someone else has it - opp saturn - don't think i'm getting that back!

so, so, so, so very annoyed at myself :annoyed:


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Yes, you will get it back.

It is probably on a shelf between things, or in a box or some shelf in a room like a closet or hall near water, or a source of water like a bathroom, kitchen, etc. Could be a lamp (or some other light/heat) next to it.

Near whee you have hobbies or spend time with hobbies.

Probably west, or north-west in the house.

best of luck. :)


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Anachiel - you have been to my house, clearly!

it WAS found - under the sofa (so between the sofa and the floor) and NEAR the bookshelf!!

Now the 7th house reference that I made before - my hubby found it. so I guess that's where that 7th house came in.

I didn't get the outcome right though - but you did - what did you see in the chart that indicated a 'yes'??

Please let me know so that I may learn!

too spooky.
Thank you!!


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I'm glad you found it. :)

Recovery was indicated by Moon applying to Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd and Jupiter angular in the 7th with a mutual reception with Jupiter.

Thank you for the update.