Lost Kitten in my neighbourhood


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Hello everyone in the Astrology weekly Forum,

Last week we found two small kittens in our back yard and one of our neighbours & close friend (our gardens are connected) decided to keep them safe in her place. However the kittens (almost 3 months old) are small and feisty and obviously escape easily. Our plan was to take them to the VET last Monday (yesterday) and my partner would adopt one and our neighbour would happily adopt the other one.The main issue is that one kitten mysteriously disappeared on Sunday evening and has not returned since.

I asked a horary today, because the kitten is nowhere to be seen and my entire neighbourhood is searching for him. My fear is that he got trapped in a different garden or that some one else probably took him.

QUESTION: Where is the (2nd) kitten?

Significators: Querent - Aries ASC- Mars placed in 7th House Scorpio.

Quesited- 6th House ruled by Leo- Sun in the 7th House Scorpio.

My view is that someone else has the kitten -7th House ruled by Libra-Venus.
Also the 12th House PoF is negative from what I have read. Possibly someone near our houses took/adopted the cat. However is it possible that the cat will return to our garden? I feel sad I should have been responsible for both kittens and this mess would have been avoided. Can we see if the cat is alive?

Thank you in advance,


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