looking for one/several writer(s)/astrologer(s)


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Hi all

I’m looking forward to finding one or several astrologer-writer(s) with some free time in his/her hands, interested in writing excellent, interesting articles.

I resumed several weeks ago the website’s newsletter but I would want to take it to the next level of astrological information. For now, it’s mostly a computer-generated report on week’s transits which is not bad, but as you know, astrology can offer MUCH more than that, and people actually expect QUALITY astrological information.

A weekly column on sun-sign astrology (mixed with more advanced astrology tidbits) would be an interesting read as well.

There are prospects of paying the authors for their work, and we shall define this together.

With the Moon in the Balsamic phase (and the Sun in opposition with Neptune), you may guess that I still don’t have a definitive project in mind and am open to suggestions and propositions.

If you’re interested in joining, you mail send me a PM or email privately for further talks.
I am open to other suggestions of collaboration.

If any of you has suggestions on what you’d like to read in a newsletter or on the main website or be offered as a service, please post here.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback,