Looking for more perspective

I've always been interested astrology, and have had a layman's understanding for years. In the last year, I've been learning about the deeper aspects, and how they affect me, and what they mean as a whole. I have started reading various books about astrology, and trying to grasp how I might look at my chart to have greater understanding of myself. :alien:

What I would like to know is what are the repeating themes, and dominant parts of my chart?

Wrong birth time used on chart. Corrected chart posted with right birth time.


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Is your birth time accurate, or is it only an estimate? I note that it is a nice round number! This is important in your case, because your ascendant is in such a late degree of Cancer that it could be in Leo if it is just a bit off exact.

If we assume your birth time is spot-on, than I note that you seem like a very "9th chord" person, with you sun, Mercury, and Mars in Sagittarius, sun closely trine Jupiter, and Jupiter in the 9th house. Have you got a "travel bug"? Or are you interested in sports in the out-of-doors that range over a fair tract of ground? (Could be something like field sports, archery, horsebackriding, or golf...)


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I noticed the 9:00 P.M. birth time for you. Now are you sure that this is an accurate birthtime for you, SS? I ask because birth times that end with "00" as yours are often just rounded-off times, and are actually inaccurate. For you a correct birth time is crucial because your Ascendant is right on the border of Cancer and Leo. A few minutes either way, and your chart interpretation would be different. And yes, a few minutes really can make a big difference. You may want to look into birth time rectification.

Other than that though I think you have a fairly strong fire influence with your Sun, Mercury, & Mars in Sag/5th house...& with Jupiter and Midheaven in Aries.
Good question. I dug out my birth certificate, and low and behold its wrong, which means the posted chart is wrong including my assumption about my ascendant. Thank you very much for giving me incentive to check it. The correction from birth certificate is 9:30 PM, not 9PM.

I will repost a new chart attachment.

I do have a big travel bug, but not that into sports, although I like watching racing, hockey, ice skating, gymnastics, and dance. I was into volleyball, roller skating and bicycling when child and teen, not so much as adult. I still like dancing as adult, but don't do much of it.
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just a few structural images......
saturn square to neptune gives a complicated and complex personality,though you are subject to "odd" circumstances at times.as the midpoint of saturn/neptune is conjuncy you venus,this shows unusual relationships and with unusual people.this makes relationships very tricky/difficult because there is always more than one persona at work.dogs and infants take to you immediately even if you don't try for their attention.

venus/mars conjunction gives you a fair countenance and makes you socially attractive.with jupiter square to venus,your social graces are increased and you are are generally expansive and happy especially in social outings. this can be an indication of family wealth which seems to be the case with you,though there could be some obscurity surrounding your father.

sun square uranus shows you are bold and often live on the edge.and with moon opposed to the sun ,you are very volitable and tend to lose your patience easily.sun square to chiron gives you an appreciation for exactitude and coherence.you can be very critical and cynical if you find contradictions in other people's presentation of themself.

as much as the moon/sun/uranus pattern shows a outgoing and volitable personality ,you are extremely reflective and can be moody when you own feelngs and thoughts leave you feeling empty or insecure.this is shown by the sun/mercury midpoint square to pluto.this also marks you as survivor with a bottom line consciousness.that is you are either for something or against something there are no grey areas in your reasoning or perspective.

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Thank you so much for your response Rahu, also MTTY05 and waybread!!

Okay I'm not sure what type of response I am suppose to give back, but here goes.

I would agree that I am a complicated and complex personality. I "think" in a philosophical manner as well as conceptual. I am always striving to improve myself, and live up to my potential. I stumble a lot in those areas, but it is my very nature to do these things. I am very analytical.

I have encountered many an "odd circumstances" in my life, and unusual people. Their uniqueness attracts me, and many I admire greatly. I am very intuitive, so this has help me to sift through a lot of the tricky difficult parts, but not 100%, lol. When it doesn't work I am hurt, surprised and disappointed in people and myself. Small children and animals in general are drawn to me. I love both, so its not so bad.

I have many friends, and several close friends, and a more than one life long friend. I considered myself blessed, because of it. My mother died when I was young, and my father 10 years later. I was very close to both. I was lucky to know one of my parents as an adult. Its makes life so much richer. I am an only child. I grew up with my cousins, so still have some close family relations. My parents were older when I was born, a late in life baby. I was blessed there as well, because they loved me so well that their loss has left me with a deep sadness that is always present.

I am generally expansive and happy and outgoing, more so when I was younger. In personality typing Meyers-Briggs I test one of three depending on the day, and my life in general. ENTP/ENFP/INFP No family wealth in the material sense, but in love and caring yes, I was blessed.

I can be daring, but I use logic, reason and caution in all things. I think I need to learn to take more risk. You are right that is in my nature, but I hold back on this one. I actually have lots of patience, even as a child with people and life situations. I do get bored with things, and scatter myself in my interests and projects though. Its hard for me to finish something. I get bogged and bored with details. This is something I am working on.

I do appreciated exactitude and coherence, and can at times be critical. I work on this one, because I believe in constructive criticism, and despise when its used to hurt, harm or destroy. I am somewhat cynical about life, yet I view its beauty and potential through rose colored glasses. I hope always I will do this, and it has paid off more times than not. I strive for a positive attitude and approach to all things. I was a bit of a Pollyanna as a child. Life as I grew altered this somewhat.

I am extremely reflexive and analytical. I am fascinated by the complex and complicated. I see patterns and try to figure out the motivation and reasons behind them.

I am not really all that moody, but I can be at times, and probably for the reasons you name. Thank God, that is not a constant in my life, but more rare. I would have to think about this some to decide how much this affects me. I do get disappointed in people, and humanity as a whole at times. I am fairly even tempered, and slow to anger or strike out unless pushed. This may be affect of my Pollyanna attitude as child filtering the fire through the hopeful, don't know. I would agree the bottom line is I am a survivor. My life already shows that.

I disagree about the gray. If you cannot see the shades of gray than fairness and justice will not be as clear of a guide in your decisions making processes. This a big thing to me fairness, justice and respect of persons. I believe somewhat in situational judgments, as well as compassion and kindness when dealing with others. Its the shades of gray that fascinated me about people, and their motivations and reasoning. Its why I write stories, read them, and watch them with such avid interest. It accounts for my interest in psychology and astrology as well as philosophy Why I enjoy visiting with others, and learning how they think. I am compelled to do it. I am an observer of nature, people and the environment. I will think about what is meant when you say there are no gray areas in my perspective and reasoning in case I did not grasp fully what you were referring to.

Again thank you for your response. Its was enlightening and fun. I am learning how to read and see the astrology chart for interpretation, which has been more difficult than expected. Your response revealed that it shows things that I already know about myself. How cool is that? Striving to view, understand, and read astrology charts with logic, reason and insight, so I can understand others better. Thank you again.

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My roommate is also getting into astrology. She has done a bit more reading and studying than I have. One of the cool things that she is teaching me is to personify the planets like characters to learn to read the chart and understand. I am just starting this adventure. As a writer of fictional stories this helps me in that arena as well. It is so cool. That is one of the aspects that grabbed a much stronger interest from me to learn more about it, and study astrology more in depth than just a layman's general knowledge.


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Do you want to post your accurate chart?

Re: your room mate's interpretation of planets--I think it helps to think of them like a committee, who do not necessarily all get along. Astrology shows that we are not single-purpose, internally unified individuals, but that we have our inner conflicts, things that go really well for us for no external reason, lows and highs.

Good luck with your astro-studies!
My corrected chart is posted to original post. I just edited it, and remove old, and uploaded new one. I did it the day you guys suggested I check my birth time since it was close to being in another sign.


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in my opinion the dominant theme in any chart is the sun moon sign
the sol sign (60th harmonic) and the rising sign. use these to your
best advantage AS STRENGTHS.

it is interesting that your sol sign (leo) is conjunct your rising degree.
therefore you are your own best interest, and a dominant theme is the
self and self realization.

second is the configuration - in your case the grand cross with the moon.
this is an intense strong test and result of karma that brought you to
this life. it also are challenges which you rise to. check out planets and house positions for the orientation of the many squares in this chart.

wish you well on this. sol leo is the illuminated soul, and you have a chance
to become a shining light, even a noble character which one must also act "as if" you are, in order to become.

best; pan
Thank you Pan for your response. I loved your points. They seem right on target to what I am learning in my life, and what I am seeing currently happening.

I have read a lot more, since I first posted here. My current transits in January really affected my chart. I felt it. My Sun and Moon Opposition was really felt as I recognized the conflict. Mars was really making my daily life stressful, with Mars and my Gemini Moon needing opposite things. I have tried to learn how to allow my Mars to do his thing 'to defend my Moon who feels it has no voice", and allow my Moon some expression at the same time that is beneficial to its needs.

Since my Moon has received a voice in my daily living I feel a bit calmer. Its still a work in progress, but my Mars definitely expresses himself more from the Sun's aspect, and he's learning how to live with my other planets working as a team, as best he can. I also began to learn about Chiron which is directly related I believe to my 12th house where my North Node sits. It also relates to my Moon I believe too. And this is where I see the self-realization aspect coming in to play. Where I need to go and what I need to accomplish in this life.

I like what you said,

"sol leo is the illuminated soul, and you have a chance
to become a shining light, even a noble character which one must also act "as if" you are, in order to become."

Its funny that I have always felt myself seeking enlightenment. And I am drawn to the Warrior that fights for good over evil. I don't know how noble I am becoming, but I definitely admire those traits. I believe in putting your beliefs and thoughts into action, and standing for what you say. I believe in the power of positive thought and action. I try hard to live them, and that in its self is enlightening, humbling, and a sometimes disappointing aspect in my life. I reach for the potential, and end up crawling most the time.

That one is hard to live daily, but I have found when it can be done its worth the effort. "Actions speak louder than Words" "They will know you by your works" "Do what you say, and say what you mean" "Stand by your word it defines who you are" so many more sayings that apply here I could go on forever with them. Ah what a tangled web we weave, all those words so simple in concept, and yet so hard to live daily. To live some you must sometimes live in contradiction to yourself in order to be true to yourself, and live up to the shades of gray, that is life, that shade the black and white of the "right choice'. The key to always moving forward requires that you must always remain vigilant and aware, like the guard who stands his duty on the watchtower of a battlefield. Take your eyes from the goal, and it could mean loss of life, and in this realm never reaching what you set out for, or experiencing the joy of trying and seeing results. I know, I tell myself "Get Real" you are only human. The greatest potential of man is his humanity, and his biggest "Achilles Heel" that can lead to his own self destruction.

Anyway, I am too scattered sometimes 'My Gemini Moon', and impatient 'My Mars and Sun Sign'. I get bored with detail, and rush a head. I am trying to learn to finish what I start with patience and complete knowledge, at least what is humanly possible. I leap a head with a concept, before I know all the details, patterns, and means to an end, although I already see the big picture. That is where I stumble, because I see the 'big picture" I leap, without securing all the necessary information. I am thankful for the Mercury in my chart, and my philosophical nature compliments of my Sun sign. It has been very helpful to me in learning, accepting, and moving forward in life.

In my reading I have been learning about Pluto and Saturn and Neptune. I have learned to like all three. In my previous thinking I viewed them as opposites with little in common with me. The big "bad asses" of the horoscope to be feared, and watched for since its impossible to avoid them. Surprisingly I actually have a lot in common with Pluto "shocking", and Saturn who I have always kind of like a little *the carpenter, architect, builder and fixer of the horoscope* (My daddy like to work with his hands, and could easily be describe with those same words), and Neptune who 'as he should be' still hard to understand, but enlightening, mysterious, and charismatic in a hypnotic way.

I started to view them as characters, and understand how they interacted with each other and my chart. I grew to know them better, and therefore have gleaned some fondness for them as I do the characters I write about. I am still a little wary of them when they hit my current transits, but for the most part good things have come of it, and changes that needed changing. I went back and looked at my transits during some of the toughest and roughest years of my life. Its was very interesting and enlightening.

I have reached a point in my life where I can retire young, and start another career. I want to be a published writer, but many angst, feelings of it being far away, and fear still rage and battle me in that realm. I doubt my ability, my own intellect at times. This being one my greatest challenges in life. I'm trying to decide my future what to do, where to go... I plan to move to Florida from Texas I hope this year or end of year, which does mean retirement. But what to do with the rest of my life? Stepping out into the unknown so many variables and possibilities.

Anyway I really appreciate your posting to me. I got a little long winded in my response. It was my enthusiasm about the fact you took time to reply. This is so much fun.

Wishing you the best as well wherever life leads or takes you.

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