Loni Willison - from Hollywood Model to Homeless


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I came across a newspaper article today with photos of a Hollywood fitness model who was photographed pushing a trolley around and living on the streets of Venice Beach, Florida. I could not believe the difference in her lifestyle and appearance and I immediately wanted to learn more about her life and her chart.

Here is the newspaper article I came across
- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar...del-ex-wife-Loni-Willison-spotted-Venice.html

It turns out she has been living on the streets for around six years and it is not the first time she has been photographed. In a previous interview, she stated that she had to leave her home because the building was electrocuting her. There was an electric charge emanating from her body which was so powerful, it would cause the building's around her to fall down.

- https://www.newsunzip.com/wiki/loni...IgnJqCI1JHQCP74dFnMmJjcrXAVQfP_kZ9lToopol6-vY

Loni Willison is famous for being a Hollywood fitness model who graced the front covers of fitness magazines and walked the red carpet. She is most famous for her marriage to Baywatch actor, Jeremy Jackson, who played the son of David Hasselhoff's character. Therey were married for a couple of year's when he was arrested for physically attacking her, which was so bad it included two broken ribs. They both had drug addicitons and were addicted to crack cocaine but after this fight, they soon divorced.

Here is a video of the two of them posing together for a fitness magazine cover. In the video, Jeremy mentions that he met her when she was a bystander in the crowd for another photoshoot he was on and he asked her to participate. Now two month's in this video, she is working alongside him for both of their first front cover shoot.

There was something sinister to me about the way he described picking her up. With the benefit of being able look at the video while knowing the outcome of events so far, you can see cracks already appearing. Jeremy mentions that they were both lacking in motivation to do the shoot and he had to try really hard to motivate himself. They were probably wasted the night before on alcohol or drugs. He hints that he was able to self-motivate but he needed to help Loni - this is important for later on in the story about how they ended up.

Jeremy's overall energy in the video is quite jumpy and aggressive - he is clearly a dominant personality and a showman but clearly, behind closed doors, the aggression is much worse than just showing off. In the photos I will post below, if you look at the difference in their eyes - you can see Loni has really soft eyes and Jeremy's eyes are really sharp - this is a typical empath-narc, co-dependent relationship set-up.

This video was shot 11 years ago - a lot has happened in the fate between those two people. Before we get into Loni, here is a quick rundown of Jeremy's journey, taken from this video interview, and his journey to recovery does give you some sympathy for him: he battled drugs addiction to the point he was arrested for stabbing two women on two different occasions, he had a gun held to him on multiple occassions, even when he was hanging behind a dumpster with nothing left, because the dealer's assumed he had money because of his previous fame. Eventually, ge managed to get himself clean and get normality back, but he said it was a struggle and took many years and determination

- 'Baywatch' Star Jeremy Jackson Opens Up About Hitting Rock Bottom | Studio 10
- https://youtu.be/RtvdGCE6xvg

This next video is quite poignant because he is documenting his makeover, which was a big part of regaining 'normal life,'

- Former 'Baywatch' Star Gets Post-Prison Makeover After Battle With Addiction
- https://youtu.be/REy5ySyChhU

Now let's get to Loni. A paparazzi located her and she agreed to an interview. Her softness and beauty still shines through. She seems happy even though she has been through a lot. She does not sound embarrassed - I guess she has come too far for that. As a spiritual person myself, I cannot help but relate to some of the phrases she uses, like 'it has brought a lot of good to the front,' and the way she is connected to nature when she breaks conversation to talk about the bird's around her.

At one point, she is asked if she could ever see herself living in a house again. She said it would need to be custom built in the middle of the beach away from people, not because she doesn't like people. At first I took this to mean she just desires freedom so much nowadays but then I remembered I read about her belief in her body having such a strong electrical charge it would bring down building's, so it is actually a reference to that. She is clearly still suffering mentally.

- Loni Willison, ex wife of Baywatch Jeremy Jackson has fallen on hard times !!!
- https://youtu.be/J2DG8mIiOxg

At this point, it is worth mentioning that I also read about one of her former friend's who was also a model, Kristen Rosetti, did try and rescue her a few years back as soon as she found out she was living on the streets. She put her up for a night in a hotel and gave her a shower, clean clothes and a meal. They talked through the night and her friend offered to pay for $90l worth of rehab treatment to try and help. The next morning, Loni left in a rush and said she wanted to get high.

This is an excellent article detailing the reunion
- http://www.gossiprocks.com/forum/la...r-jeremy-jackson-homeless-west-hollywood.html

Loni talks about what it has been like living on the streets. She said she cut off her hair by herself and surviving was a case of survival of the fittest - in 2018, she said to a paparazzi she had deliberately not showered for a year so no one would sexually assault. her again.

This story is heart-breaking. Loni's breakdown seemed to have been triggered by the physical abuse she received from her ex-husband Jeremy Jackson. They were both also addicted to drugs, with Jeremy stating crack cocaine caused his downfall. Whether or not she was on drugs or not before he picked her from a crowd is unknown, but their marriage was a violent, co-dependent and drug-addicted one, with the final attack which ended their marriage, triggering her breakdown.

She was working as an assistant to a plastic surgeon when she began experiencing the electric charges. She was taking crack cocaine at the time but it seemed she also had a mental health breakdown as well. Due to losing her job, she lost her car etc, kept taken drugs, disappeared from the public eye for two years, before being snapped by the paparazzi six years ago.

Loni and Jeremy are both survivor's of a serious drug addiction but the difference in their fate is vastly different. As I hinted at in the video above in their fitness photoshoot, Jeremy's dominant personality and ability to self-motivate is probably what saved him from remaining at rock bottom. In the video, Loni's lack of self-belief is apparent and in photos, you can see the softness in her eyes. Given the violence Jeremy treated her with - it's easy to come to the conclusion this is an empath-narcissist dynamic.

On paper, it looks like Jeremy was kind of 'won.' Except, when you listen to the video interview of Loni, even though she has had the harder path, she has a spiritual quality about her and connection to nature which makes me feel she is spiritually advanced. As for Jeremy, he is still in the public eye and works as a fitness trainer. He is living a much more shallow lifestyle.

There is a tragic sweetness about Loni though that is undeniable, it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's persona too.

Here is Loni's chart, birth time unknown. I was looking for a Pluto transit to cause such a change in fate in someone's life and I say it - Pluto has been squaring her Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. She has maybe a couple more years left of the Pluto-Pluto square, I wonder what will happen to Loni in the future. I am not expecting a comeback to public life, but maybe a conclusion that consists of a home and some more safety would be what she deserves. If she wrote a book, she would have a hell of a lot to say though.

Loni's chart -
*birth-time unknown*

Photos of Loni and Jeremy -





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Indeed a tragic story; natal shows a susceptibility to be undone by Venus concerns (love/broken heart; Venus in 12th whole sign house under emotionally prone cancer, disposited by the moon) however, nothing seems to jump out in the natal to account for how far this unfortunate woman has fallen; I’ll bet we might find better indications from examining declinations in the “additional tables” to this chart.


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The birth time is unfortunately unknown so what we are able to learn about her will be limited. The only thing that stood out to my was the Pluto transit squaring her Saturn-Pluto and Uranus transit opposite Moon.

She has a very soft, feminine persona, which makes it even more heart-breaking. The Moon-Neptune square at 0 degree would describe her gentle sorority, as well as her tendency towards drug addiction. She needed something more gritty to be able to escape it though, but her femininity is just too strong.

I really wish I knew her birth-time so we could gain more info.
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\Notice she has fully 6 planets retrograde, including mercury (ability to effectively communicate; ability to be effective in business/professional dealings) and Jupiter (wealth/financial well being)-perhaps these factors played a role in her apparent downfall. Her natal sun is connected with the pleiades, considered a stellar source of much sorrow, grief and hard trials of life.
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\Notice she has fully 6 planets retrograde, including mercury (ability to effectively communicate; ability to be effective in business/professional dealings) and Jupiter (wealth/financial well being)-perhaps these factors played a role in her apparent downfall. Her natal sun is connected with the pleiades, considered a stellar source of much sorrow, grief and hard trials of life.
Thanks for your insights Dr Farr. Her Sun being connected to the Pleiades makes a lot of sense, as well as the retrograde planets you mentioned. I noticed from her transits that Pluto has been squaring her Saturn-Pluto conjunction for years, and it is indeed a type of downfall typical of a Pluto transit. She’s nearing the end of her Pluto square, another year or so to go, so hopefully her luck changes then. It’s sad but it’s an addiction to crack cocaine and the inability to escape it :/

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I would really like to see the additional tables to this chart in order to find what the declinations might have to say.


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Please find attached the additional tables. Can’t wait to hear your findings.


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dr. farr

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-Venus is out of bounds, underscoring the powerful Venusian influence in this chart
-as mentioned above fully 6 planets in retrograde & sun conjunct the Pleiades
-sun/Jupiter in contra-parallel, indicating an inner conflict between sun affinities vs Jupiter affinities
-Neptune parallel SN highlighting the predisposition toward drug abuse and rendering Neptune a malefic influence in this chart
-mars contra-parallel Uranus highlights the susceptibility to violence that could be connected with sexual matters
-Pluto in near exact parallel with moon = same as if Pluto & moon were in strong conjunction;here we find the mind/emotions afflicted by deep dark impulses and drives, of a very unusual quality and very different than the usual drives commonly encountered; this could include very unusual mystical or religious beliefs as strong motivating factors, albeit of a likely quite irrational nature; the Uranus/Neptune parallel might account for her strong delusion (Neptune) of being electrocuted (Uranus)
-saturn in exaltation in libra is tainted by irrational/unusual influences through its conjunction with Pluto; an otherwise conservative and stabilizing factor (benefic saturn) is largely undermined by the plutonic influence; I suggest this same plutonic influence undermines what would have otherwise been a + factor in the close parallel of latitude between Venus & Saturn
-moon parallel with Procyon, which gives fortune, wealth and fame but also inspires “occult interests (like Pluto/moon) , restless, never remains long in one place, quarrels with friends, partners, employers, dissipation, waste and ruin…”, thus further afflicting the moon affinities (like mind/emotions) in this chart
-moon in close square to Neptune, underscoring potential of neptunium illusions/delusions to affect moon affinities (mind/emotions) in a negative way…moon in Virgo could have denied children, which might have also been a factor affecting her emotional well-being.
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Thanks for the interpretation. I’m really starting to get an insight into her inner mind being a darkly complicated one, with tendencies to delusion, especially the Uranus-Neptune parallel explaining her electrocution delusions and then her drug tendencies which trapped her there, triggered by the Mars-Uranus contra parallel violence she was a victim of. So tragic.