Longitudinal Paran Crossings Experience and Help

Help with Paran Crossings Please

Hello! I lived in Sydney which was 464 km away from crossing of Jupiter IC and Moon’s Nodes. I’m 32 and have lived in about eight countries but never have I lived in a place where I experienced such luck. I had companies literally competing for me to work for them, manifested a man who was everything I had always prayed for, things just came to me easily.

I’ve also experienced the exact opposite studying on my Pluto line, growing up primarily near Moon lines (when moon in my chart is quite **** - moon in Chiron! Talk about deep familial wounding.)

I moved to Mallorca, Spain a couple months ago and it’s pretty much between Sun and Moon lines. I just don’t feel happy with the Spanish people or culture, the level of bureaucracy is terrible and I’m finding the laid back nature is way too lazy for me. I’m looking at other options and am thinking back to the Sydney experience because most places in EU for me are Moon, Chiron, Uranus or Saturn (yuck!)

I noticed Vienna is on crossing Venus IC/Jupiter paran (5,200 km away) which I could really use as although it’s been great being a free spirit, I’m dying to settle down and have a family. My Venus is in Pisces, I can’t help it 😂

I understand a lot of people say to ignore the paran crossings as they’re so insignificant, but I definitely felt it heavily in Sydney. I’d love to know if anyone has had experiences feeling a paran crossing from SO far away…Vienna would be fabulous and from my Astrocartograpjy map the only place in Europe where I wouldn’t have negative lines and also enjoy the culture.

I’d truly appreciate any insight as I feel I’m in a bit of a crisis since I spent a year struggling to get this Spanish visa and now that I’m here feel very unhappy with the vibe.

Thanks in advance,
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