Longbody of the Solar System/D.N.A Double helix


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Im hoping to find more people interested in exploring the possible connection between the similarity of the long body of the Solar system and the D,N.A double helix,Im assuming general chat is the best place to start as i cant see any other forums that have suitable subject similarities.
Many years ago i read a short line in A,T,Manns 'The Round Art' in which he comments on the similarity of the longbody of the solar system and the dna double helix,It struck me as very interesting.
For those unfamiliar with the term 'Long Body of the Solar System',I will attempt to explain,We generally as astrologers deal with moments or cross sections through the solar system.In reality we deal with various areas of what can be seen in a 'side on view' of a long period of time where the planets go round the path of the sun through space,Each planet circles at different rates and distances from the sun,In the 'side on view' these cycles can appear like different frequency occilations,The suns path can be seen as a very long line of helium moving out on a spiral arm from its origin in the centre of our galaxy to its ultimate end in the far future as it runs out of fuel.
This path is enormously long,In comparison the d,n,a double helix has similarities in its structure,The centre of the twin spiral has a hydrogen 'spine' which stretches from beginning to end,some say that if you could stretch out a d,n,a strand it would be enormously long,The 'Modifiers' as i prefer to call them ie: A,T,G and C vary in their encircling patterns around the hydrogen core/path giving different signals to the system at different points along its length.
On an even larger scale the multitudes of dna strands within our solar system ,which in it self is one of many other solar systems, are within an enormous spiral arm galaxy which at its core is an massive concentration of new suns forming, Made almost exclusively from hydrogen which is encircled at distance by formed suns travelling out on the systems 2 arms,Turn the galaxy to side on view over time instead of the usual moment in time view and we have yet again another hydrogen path surrounded by multitudes of modifiers(suns),
Comments please,To be continued.
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Long body of the Solar system/D,N,A double helix continued:
It appears to me that one helium pathway is inside another much larger helium pathway which yet again is inside an even larger helium pathway,IE:dna,inside a solar system,inside a galaxy,maybe somewhere in the universe there is a concentration of galaxies?,Maybe a 'Sun Absolute'?,(gurdjieff),Or even further stages in the macrocosm which have a similar construction method of hydrogen core surrounded by modifiers?
It looks to me that in the microcosmic direction that below D,N,A the atomic ,sub atomic world gets much simpler but still has the main characteristics though without hydrogen as it does not exist in these microcosmic realms.
These worlds within worlds make me think that we are inside something.rather than the scientific view that we as beings exist on the 'Top level',Sorry for the poor wording,i cant think of a better way to say what i theorise.
I think that this kind of explains how i also feel that its ok to look through a microscope into lower worlds to make sense of it from a higher perspective, But to turn the device around(telescope) and assume its the correct view of the macrocosm on the assumption that we are at the 'Top level' is not neccessarilly a correct view.
We are continually told by Astronomers that when we look into the night sky that what we see are zillions of stars ,but that what we see is relative to our viewing position and time,and that each star appears as it did many light years ago,and consequently we see different moments all over the sky in the same moment.
It looks to me on this basis that everything has happened all ready,that due to how small and insignificant a time that we exist for on this planet,that due to our'Metabolic rate'(for want of a better word),We cant see the universe correctly,we see a fraction,or moments from a whole.
I suppose what im trying to convey is that its possible that we are inside an enormous organism,which has Arteries'galaxies',Veins'solar system's and 'Cappilaries' D,N,A(life?).That on a higher level when accelerated it becomes just as solid as here,like the accelerated orbits of planets can create a field arround a hydrogen core,same as the atomic levels particle speeds create fields that are solid at this level of experience,Tat the universe is a solid and we are inside it,More comments please,to be continued


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part 3:
So the appearance of solidity is due to the particle speed of atoms and is relative to the viewers position in the overall scheme of things.
If i was existing on the level of particles,the level that we live in presently would appear from 'below' like almost frozen particles due to my relatively short existence,maybe over long periods of time i would notice cyclic motion.
Whilst as we observe here on the planetary life,when we look 'down' towards the atomic level we see apparently solid objects,but we know that by using a microscope we can see down into the atomic world and see very fast relative particle motion,and also know that between each particle lies enormous amounts of space,Infact there appears to be nothing much more than space.
This appears very similar to our position and view of outer space and the enormous distances between suns etc.
And i theorise that the same general rule applies,but in reverse'As below so above',We cannot see that level correctly as if we were of that level and scale.
So as we know from scientists.the atomic/genetic level governs life structures,but to my knowledge no psychological gene has been discovered.
And the planetary/sun level we know as astrologers governs the mind and emotions,And therefore i assume that the galactic level must govern something higher still which is probably unseen,and the only thing that most religions and spiritual explorers agree on existing like this is a soul.


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Very nice hypothesis, it is very "Men in Black-ish" if you remember the locket around the cat's neck and the locker in the train station.
I believe anything is possible, if you can imagine it then it can exist. We could possibly be part of an infinitely larger organism, but with us being human I don't think that we would be able to assimilate and come to terms with that reality. Some things seem to be out of the realm of human understanding, we create our reality through our perceptions and boxes that we make for ourselves, many things that we believe are simply manifestations of what we want to believe are "true" and in actuality are not "reality" at all. So the door is wide open for the possibilities of actual reality.


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You seem to be addressing the problem of scale. One general principle I have derived to described this is: "Every group is an object and every object is a group" (group = object). When you press the palms of your hands together, not only are your hands not "touching" each other (given that solidity is a function of electron fields), all the atoms in your hands are not even "touching" the atoms next to them. When the microcosmic world is understood, we come to see that there really is no such thing as "solid matter." There are only structure and behaviour. This is scientific fact.

It is generally acceptable (especially considering the consistency of chemistry) to say that behaviour is a function of structure and, conversely, structure is a function of behaviour. To address the "chicken and egg" problem, behaviour is an activity, whereas structure is a quality, so it seems that structure is more fundamental. So, what gives rise to structure in the first place?

For many decades, we have known that quantum entities (below the level of "particles") exist in a state of pure potential and that awareness of a particular quantum entity will cause its wave function to collapse into a particle. This has been proven a number of times and many scientists still have trouble reconciling the fact of it. The bottom line is that human awareness causes infinite (nonlocal) entities of pure potential (without any particular qualities of their own) to collapse into set-state particles that have qualities. This means that awareness (more fundamental than thought) increases order in the Universe. The punch of it is the fact that awareness is the only thing we can prove creates order in the Universe.

This completely confuses people who want to live in a dead, random, Newtonian universe where things are separated by structure, rather than interconnected by it. The fact is that the building blocks of all matter (photons or "broken strings") can communicate and effect each other in nonlocal ways. All matter is made of organisations of nonlocal entities. This means that the structure we perceive in the Universe is better described as relationships between nonlocal entities. These groups of nonlocal entities become organised into atoms. Scientifically speaking, the process by which this happens is still hypothetical and debatable.

It may help to mention that the Universe is not expanding. It only seems to be expanding. In fact, the Universe is infinitely subdividing, always tending toward increased complexity over time, despite the idea of the Newtonian universe tending toward chaos (disorder). It is our perspective that skews our view of what is really happening. I, for one, say it's high time for someone to take the training wheels off of science. Anyone who promotes a particular idea, rather than advocating and pursuing fact, is an hinderence to science.

You would probably enjoy reading a book I've recently found. It's called "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart (ISBN 0-06-019300-X). The entire book is based in scientific experimentation and there are more citations than an archivist would care to research. It displays the experimental groundwork for Unified Field Theory, a good babystep toward the legendary Theory of Everything. Most of the book is spent detailing research that threatened or destroyed the careers of the experimenters, glorifying the underdogs who stuck to scientific truth instead of academic or financial demand. This is the kind of stuff that everyone involved in any of the sciences should read.

To stray a bit from the easily observable, I must assert that the Universe is alive. How could life spring forth from a dead universe? I've always found that the split between science and religion has forced us all into a silly standoff. Any God which could exist must include our observations. This means that God is not some white-bearded man who sits on clouds and hands down reward or punishment to mankind. God is the all-inclusive totality of everything. God exists because he includes the Universe, both the observable and unobservable. When we finally find the place where the roads of science and religion cross, we will, at long last, be able to truly understand something.

As to the astrology, previous incarnations in the same realm (in this case, Earth) are what build the emotions of an individual. The mind of an individual is influenced much more by the sojourn immediately prior to arrival here (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, et cetera). This information was given by Edgar Cayce. I have personally tested Cayce's material to be accurate and reliable to my own satisfaction. I have acquired digital copies of the 14,000+ recorded readings (by a stenographer) in their original format, to insure that I'm not missing something. If you would like to investigate Cayce also, I would suggest starting with "The Sleeping Prophet" by Jess Stearn (ISBN 0-553-26085-5).


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Part 4:
I was wondering if there could be any other similarities between the genetic level and the long body level.
Using the double helix as a literal framework it is noticeable that it has nodes along its hydrogen core,one connector on each side of every hydrogen atom.
The modifiers A,T,G and C bond to the core via this 'valency' of 2 opposite connectors.
In the long body of our solar system the sun has an approximate 11 year sunspot cycle which could be viewed as a regular pulse in the long body over time,some say the biggest planet 'jupiter' has a causal connection to this rhythm.
Another similarity:The genetic modifiers A,T,G and C fall in a regular pattern around the core,one set of 2 at right angles to the previous set of 2 in a regular pattern.
On the planetary scale in a more complex structure over long periods of time,the planets by having eliptical orbits have aphelions and perihelions where they repeat extreme point patterns around the core.
Is it possible that our galaxy has a core pulse over aions that repeats or that the encircling suns have some form of aphelions/perihelions?


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Part 5: One of the reasons i've wanted to pursue this theory about the similarity of structure between the d.n.a double helix and the long body of the solar system
is because of the amount of times i've heard the general public use the phrase"It must be in his genes" when they refer to some ones personality traits,Which for me is like 'showing a red rag to a bull',Because I've never heard of one convincing psychological gene being proved by any geneticist ,and as i'm an astrologer i know through my own research that i can prove to myself that the psychological nature of a person is Astrological in origin.It appears to me that Science is the new religion for many,and anything that is'nt scientific cant be true.
What i feel this theory could do is show that both are true,but they are of different levels and different understandings,Worlds that overlap no doubt,but have their own special domains,IE:Genetics governs the physical reality of life and Astrology governs the psychological level,and that by inference the galactic long body could have connections to a spiritual dimension which may have a connection to religions etc.Therefore showing that science, astrology and spirituality are all true and have their own legitimacy and domains.
Ive never been very convinced about Ascendant descriptions of a persons physical appearance,and the only way ive been able to accept this is by believing that a psychological trait has inevitable physical repurcussions in the body.Or a Creationist belief that the world was created in 7 days suggests to me that the wrong level method is being applied to describe something of a lower level,IE:religous texts should be understood 'Symbolically',not Literally as in dreams we understand the message from our higher levels of consciousness through decyphering dream symbol,because in my opinion higher levels of conciousness can only be understood with an approximation language like symbolism.


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Part 6:
Science presently recognises 3 main types of galaxy formations,
1:Spiral Galaxies(like ours),2:Barred Galaxies,and 3:Cluster galaxies,
All 3 have concentrations of hydrogen at their centres,but it also appears to me when i see pictures of myriads of galaxies that they are like multi coloured pebbles on a beach,which i assume normally means that they have different mixes of the other elements that makes them more individual yet again.
This multitude of differences between galaxies suggests to me that its possible by the previously mentioned theory that when we go down to the genetic level in these different galaxies that the d,n,a equivalent structures could be very different to what we know here and consequently equivalent 'Life forms' even more strange to our understanding.
Also equivalent solar/planetary long bodies in these other galaxies could by the same reasoning behave very differently to our solar systems,especially in a cluster where there appears to be no particular plane to the galaxy,Or on the bar of a barred galaxy there would be a very specific outward directional force applied to long bodies.


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Part 7:
Finally i want to make some very large assumptions,If there is any truth in this speculative theory them i'm guessing that if Geneticists ever understand the operating system of d,n,a thoroughly like; exactly how data moves in the double helix,(presently proteins are known to mirror a,t,g,c and transcribe the data)or what purpose the core of hydrogen has other than structural valency,Then i think its possible that the general principals can be scaled upto the solar longbody and show how Astrological data is transmitted to psyches,For instance in one theory some astrologers think that the sun has a lot to do with this.
Fortunately unlike d,n,a. I doubt anyone will ever be able to manipulate the longbody of the solar system and therefore manipulate our minds.


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Yes Mark,i think your right,Im talking about the universes structure.
Looking at the latest data from Nasa it appears that after galaxies my theory about universal structure as hydrogen core pathways breaks down to a different structure of Filaments or walls and voids,If you watch this Nasa film and go to 16.40 minutes to 16.50 minutes into the film it shows them very well and distinctly as very large spaces (voids) surrounded by walls or filaments of galaxies:http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2010/12/08/nasas-3d-tour-of-all-known-galaxies/
I assume that the estimated 3/4 of the known universe existing as dark matter is mainly within the voids.
I theorise that using the same principle that human beings cannot see the universe correctly because of our short time scale or metabolic rate,that the voids could, if seen over time rather than a moment, would appear as vast Globular 3 dimensional spaces which could be seen as like our experience of cell structure surrounded by hydrogen core pathways: galaxy long bodies (arteries),solar long bodies(veins),and dna chromosome long bodies(?),all delivering the life blood(hydrogen or spirit) to the voids?,(Sorry the film i meant to show wont link for some unexplainable reason but im sure if you look around nasa sites you can find a similar footage showing the filaments and voids).
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when you get to the end of the short film there is a list below it of other related nasa films as thumb nails,click on the 20 minute film called 'How large is our universe?'


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David Ash,Author of books on Quantum Physics,mysticism and consciousness:
"Increasing and decreasing the speed of the vortex of atoms accounts for materialization and de-materialization".

David Bohm,Phd Quantum Physicist:
"aspects findings imply that objective reality does not exist,and that despite its apparent solidity,the universe is fundamentally a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram."


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For people unfamiliar with the 'Long Body of the Solar System' appearance I have drawn a quick sketch,the sun travels down the centre(Yellow) and the planets oscillate around the suns path in this cross section view over time(approximately 9 months),Mercury light blue,Venus Green,Earth Dark Blue,Mars Red,Jupiter Purple,Saturn light Yellow.
Of course the scale is not correct as the sun is enormous comparatively to the planets.But I hope this gives a better idea of what I was talking about earlier.



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Hi,Couldnt help reviving this thread as its one of my favorites,I found this link which explains Tad Manns Concept of Time and space,It also has 2 very good diagrams showing the long body of the solar system profile and a dna double helix comparison,As i explained at the very begining of this thread, the original idea came from A T Manns book 'The round art' pages 112 to 115:http://www.atmann.net/CIDAlect.htm


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I've just found what i consider to be very relevant information to revive my favorite thread:)
Ive just been reading Liz Greenes 'The Art of Stealing Fire'-Uranus in the horoscope,In which she discusses Para 3,Page 32 Quote:"If you want a very disturbing image of Uranus at work right now,consider the fraught issue of genetic engineering,Think about it,and think about it hard.What does it invoke in you?What do you feel about it,What are its implications?At present,science is rampaging about identifying genes which,according to this model,"cause" alcoholism,depression,schizophrenia and aggression." Unquote.And then she says Quote:"In this Uranian vision of a brave new world,We could rid the world of most of its problems,by either aborting foetuses which carried anti social or psychologically unstable genes,or by replacing or eradicating these genes.You can all work out the implications of this,Im sure,without my having to spell them out.People no longer have problems or conflicts of an inner kind;their behavior is caused by an illness determined by a rogue gene." Unquote

So im hoping your following where this could go if the world of science and their corporate backers can find any legitimate appearing gene that was responsible for anti social behavior that they had the backing to manipulate.
There are many who believe that various governments and corporates around the world that are looking for just this type of thing and a way of controlling the masses.If the people are fooled into believing that a persons psychological nature is determined by their genetic makeup,Then the inevitable suggestion is to pursue genetic manipulation.I suspect that after reading the complex data on offer to the public ,that it will only be the rare ones versed in genetic engineering that will have the faintest idea about this alleged scientific belief.

Liz Greene goes on to say'Quote:
"This allows them to avoid taking responsibility for their own emotions and motives,Instead of projecting our conflicts directly onto others,they are projected onto our genes,and of course eventually they will be projected onto anyone suspected of carrying those genes.One could see the nobility of the vision-we could rid the world of terrible diseaes such as Altzheimer's,and Spinobifida ,and other genetic sources of suffering.But where do we draw the line?and what if genes carry creative psychological components as well as potentially malefic physical ones,combined in one heady mix?..."

She gos on to add that when is a disease strictly physical,and when it is a combination of physical and psychic?And is there even such a thing as a strictly physical disease?And then she goes on about why we can see why Hitler was so preoccupied with genetic experimentation.Quote:"If we could just get rid of these inferior types,"he no doubt said to himself"we would have a perfect race"(No prizes awarded for recognizing the problems his own physiognomy must have caused him.)All one had to do was remove anyone with a predisposition for...Well,you name it.The rogue gene is defined according to the particular personal tastes and unconscious complexes of the genetic engineer..."Unquote
She then goes on to say how this would eventually allegedly lead to a race of perfect human beings who wouldn't age,fall ill,drink,smoke or get violent,Have no moods or ultimately do anything to upset the smooth running of an efficient society,according to the eyes of the instigator of the law of course.I dread to think who this person/persons think they are to judge us.And as for the consequences of a George Orwell world that would probably be much more extreme than '1984'.....:sad:


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I think it is possible that we are merely reflections of an infinite expanse. It makes you feel how silly our society and structure is and how fake it all is!