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Currently, you are undergoing a Saturn mahadasha, and will continue to be until 2020. Your Saturn is placed in the nakshatra Dhanista. "Dhan" means wealth, so this dasha was more so about wealth and abundance. Dhanista symbol is a drum, symbolic of being hollowed like an instrument. Dhanista time periods leave us feeling hollowed within, as if there is a void that needs to be filled (most often it is the absence of a relationship that leaves this nakshatra feeling unfulfilled).

Next dasha sequence for you is Mercury, who is in the nakshatra of Chitra - this is a much better dasha sequence for relationships. Mercury rules your 7th house. A lot of fast moving energy is in the 7th and with the 7th house lord, so you might find yourself a bit restless in the dating realm during your Mercury dasha. With the bhava chart I use, your Mercury goes into the 10th so your relationships will be brought to the public, and could bring you fame. You also have very good ashtakavargas points in your 7th, so relationships will definitely take off in this time period.

Your Mercury/Venus time period caught my attention (2023 - 2026). Jupiter will be transiting your 7th house at this time. Could be a potential for marriage in late 2025 or 2026.