locating stolen dog


stolen dog

Hello all,

Would u plz help me out with reading this chart.
the question was where is my stolen dog.
she was stolen on 2009 17th july friday 10:10 pm in tehran iran.while i took her with car to a few blocks up north and west from home.there was a lil green area between 4 building.
in this chart lord of 6th is sun in cancerconjunct mercury,varun and south node.in house 5th i don know wot it means.i think i am neptone in 12th.i am wondering wot mars conjunct moon means in second house.i don know if she is dead or alive.plz help me out.ok i found th enearest long and lat to our home ~~>
35°47'14"N 51°22'29"E but astro.cm wont le me change long an lat by myself so this chart is not much corrent
many thanks god bless.


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I cast the chart for moment I understand your question and that was: 28 feb 2012. 7:4am Beograd, Srbija ASC= 28Pi01
In this chart dog is represent with Su (again!) in your 12 house and POF in your 2nd house.
Point of death is ruled by Me, Su did not have aspect with it, so dog is alive. But Su is in fatefull degree, so dog is not fine. Look for him near a fountain, a fishpond, a brook, or river, on the beach, a low place that is prone to flooding, remote places, near hospital, convalescent home, jail, tavern, a dock, drugstore, liquor store, shoe store, gasoline station, photo store, monasteries, garage...
Direction: Southeast.
Near colour:red, yellow
POF is in your 2nd house in Ge. Look for dog near a bookstore, bus station, service station, library, railroad station, subway, school, and other place of learning, post office, storehouse, bank. Dog can be on or near a hill or other high place, the side of the driveway, barren ground, an area where the mailbox is, a neighbor's home...
Direction: north by east
Near colour:yellow, orange


Hello Dear Guca,manythanks for ur help time and support.sorry i am new to this site and i don know how it works i get lost init plus my slow net is a killer.i am new to stars 2 imagine....
i have a question if i may.i need to know if i should look in neighbour hood?
or how south east.....and would u plz insert the chart u made plz i was not able to make it.i am so lost and stressed out angel.God bless u i will study the links u passed me so kind of u.


Hello flying,

Many thanks for ur comment and kindness.well no luck yet:sad: sometimes life is 2 hard to handdle.thanks for caring to leave me a msg