Local Space Chart


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Which software program do you use? Is it free? I would buy Sirius but it's about 600 bucks. I also want to know how exactly the lines are plotted. As a side note, I traveled one direction on my Jupiter line one day and saw that it went right through a Spaghetti Warehouse where I love to eat; now Jupiter is about expansion and 'big' and I recalled how whenever I ate there, I always engorged myself on the delicious Italian food lol.
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Here's a 7-year old thread, ironically the only one with the title "Local Space Chart" I was looking for. There may be weak points or are they the strongest to indicate where you may relocate to next. I was born on Feb 15, 1980 (2:20pm Pacific time) with an Aquarius sun/moon and Cancer ascendant, but something in Taurus there in my local space chart made me spend 24.5 years in Indio (my Mom stayed in that house until she died last year and she's a Taurus sun), then to shift west by 3 miles out of "Cabazon Indian Reservation" (community zip code area) to farther inside Indio in the Sagittarius/Capricorn descendant (my Mom's ASC is cusping but in Cap and Dad's sun sign is a Sag) and 3.5 years later, my current residence in the Scorpio/Sagittarius line closer to my Dad (my Uranus placement, my Aquarian ruler planet is in Sco close to Sag), and my GF's birthday (natal sun, Aquarius moon, which my Mom also had cusp or barely in Pisces) is in the late decan degrees of Scorpio. I wonder where I may move to next, but I have to look closer at the current local space chart to learn more about possible places I may live in for up to 20, 42, or even 60 years of my life.