Literally an Astrological crises...?

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After much reading into Saturn square Saturn, and Saturn square Uranus, it seems that my current life is going to be facing some strong changes, and I can already feel an unbearable roller coaster ride, in this next phase of my Astrological journey.

NOTE: I have added Natal positions of planets, tech data & houses at the bottom of this question, for assistance in receiving the most accurate answer possible, before consulting a professional astrologer. Also, I have read info on these astrological phases immensely, and want your views as well, if possible;

Saturn square Saturn, activity period from 11 October 2009 until middle of July 2010. :crying:
Saturn square Uranus, activity period from 11 October 2009 until middle of July 2010. :w00t:
Saturn square Sun, from 28 November 2009 until 29th August, 2010 (peak). :whistling:

What can I expect to see in this next phase; Over the past few days (and at present), it feels that I have changed from this loving and easy going person, into this, irritable, angry, cold (at times), to the point, dominating personality, which does not become the true ME.

I feel like I don't want to be in my job any longer (Real Estate Broker), and would like to move further into my career, into a sales role, where I feel that I'd be much happier. Nonetheless, over these past few days, I can feel my blood boiling over no real reason, and I am afraid that I am going to snap and ***** something serious in my life up, could be walking out on my job, to walking out on my family, loosing friends, something doesn't feel right and it is very hard for me not to act upon my emotions, ARGH! :devil:

I can feel this circulating fury which is just waiting to pour out... It seems ‘manageable’ for right now, but that’s probably because I'm not interacting with someone who might just say something which will spark of my emotions, per usual (but now it feels enhanced, scaringly). Also, I had a fight my boss this morning, in brief it was because he commented my writing wasn’t neat in my diary, and I turned his remarks on my writing into world war 3, and as a bystander, you would of though we were arguing over a house burning down, major stuff up or something more serious than a few scribbles in my work diary. Ironically, I brought this fight on and while half of me was saying avoid it, and the other half was thriving on the thrill of and while arguing with my boss, all at the same time…?

I live a happy life, generally upbeat and optimistic, good family base/support, etc, but over the recent months, the above has been getting to me stronger and stronger, and it’s only getting stronger as each day passes...

Too make things worst, I read that Saturn sq Saturn is bad enough, but, in line with that, a Saturn sq Uranus, along with a Venus in Gemini, and my need for freedom which seems as though its no longer going to be their, at least it already feels this way, I am sure will likely see me over the edge….never to see another phase such as this one, haha.

If anyone could comment on the above, and perhaps give me some insight on your findings, I would appreciate it. My life is just beginning, but I feel that something has gone wrong, and that I am not doing what it is that I am meant to be doing, but can’t work out what, but I can feel that my life is going upside down, DRAMATICALLY. I work in a family business, for the record, so leaving is not so easily for me, along other complications, where to start, (too many to list – but its truly long winded...the following emotion sums this up; :w00t:, with out sarcasm)

I kindly await your response with the above, and will constantly review this question, and if I have left anything out, please reply with what info you would like, I already have my guide to the future, and multiple natal charts at hand.

Many thanks in advance,

Cancerian Crab :bandit:

D.O.B - Jun/25/1988 @ 12:33pm

Natal Aspects, for the above question:

SUN: Cancer
MOON: Scorpio
VENUS: Gemini
MARS: Pisces

Moon in first house
Midhaven ruler moon in first house
Saturn in third house
Mars in sixth house
Jupiter in eight house
Sun in ninth house
Mercury in ninth house
Ruler of Ascendant in ninth house
Venus in ninth house


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You're unlikely to get any real replies until you attach a natal chart.
And we can't draw a chart from the info you gave as you have not included a place of birth - but having said that, would still prefer it if you attached a chart from

The reactions you mention do not sound like Saturn transits to me - but I have also been known to be wrong!!


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Over the past few days (and at present), it feels that I have changed from this loving and easy going person, into this, irritable, angry, cold (at times), to the point, dominating personality, which does not become the true ME.

I feel like I don't want to be in my job any longer (Real Estate Broker), and would like to move further into my career, into a sales role, where I feel that I'd be much happier. Nonetheless, over these past few days, I can feel my blood boiling over no real reason, and I am afraid that I am going to snap and ***** something serious in my life up, could be walking out on my job, to walking out on my family, loosing friends, something doesn't feel right and it is very hard for me not to act upon my emotions, ARGH! :devil:

Oh Cancerian Crab, how similar do I feel like you at the moment:) I have only seen my transiting Pluto trining my Mercury in the 6th house, maybe causing me to say exactly what I feel and become intensely critical. This Virgo house makes me, with my Sun in it as well, at times more critical than the real Virgo's! that same Pluto transit is also inconjuncting my Saturn who rules my 3rd house. (Pluto approaching 1° Capricorn, Saturn at 2°, Mercury also at 2°). Transiting Uranus sextiling my Asc. and Saturn sextile my Asc. I want constructive changes in my life. So it is a bit different, aspect wise, from your upcoming transits.

Saturn is also about to transit and conjunct my Moon-Pluto (Asc.ruler) midpoint at 29° and just past my Moon-Saturn Midpoint at 25° Virgo. I am far more down than my usual optimistic Jupiter/Moon/Ascendant conjunction. Look at your midpoints if you can and also Uranus transits especially, not only those Saturn transits! And Neptune could be doing a number on you as well, so take ALL in account.

The highlighted sentence in your quote is exactly what I also experience, but mostly at home (poor partner) and thoughts of just doing something really stupid also crossed my mind. So I think that it does not matter whether it is a square of a trine that creates the problems. The trines fascilitate the easy flow of criticism in my case :)LOL and dominance as well. I just do not like myself very much at the moment and feel like a yoyo, then again kind and caring, then the opposite.

Your Saturn transits might show a period of necessary changes for you, probably also to do with a life lesson you did not learn yet earlier on and where your nose now is put onto the problem zone(s) in your life. Saturn-Sun could affect your physical strength during that time. You could be more sensitive to health problems. Hard work and discipline is required during these times.

Please post your chart so we can have a better look. Maybe progressions also play a role in all of your symptoms. I need to see which houses (life areas) are being afflicted. Dont despair, all will pass, you just have to figure out how to handle this situation.

Cheers, Starlink
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Sticky: Attaching Chart as a Thumbnail! (
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Here is a link for you to fascilitate uploading your chart.


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I would advise you to get professional assistance immediately, looks very troublesome... indeed. God speed.:rightful:

Greenmist, please refrain from this sort of advice. Firstly it is not astrologically backed up by you (why is this troublesome?) and secondly I think you are much mistaken here. Everybody in his life will go through a Saturn square Saturn transit, as well as a Saturn aspecting any other planet in the birthchart. So according to you that would be so troublesome that everybody should get professional assisance?!

These are normal transits. It just so happens that they occur quite close to one another in Cancerian's chart. Usually one transit is necessary for the next one to finish the "job" or is supporting the other. Without Uranus we would never find out about our inner freedom urges and why they seem to happen at a specific time in our lives. Saturn tells us what has to be (re) constructed, what we have to give form to, where we should not cross the borderline.

When in the birtchart there is no indication whatsoever about mental instability, then please do not, without very strong astrological back-up out these sort of statements.

Thank you.



Well-known member've got quite a bit going on here. [I was born with a Saturn/Uranus square so I understand a bit of what you're experiencing...It's like a raw nerve of angst...ain't it!]
The Saurn/Uranus conj. you were born with bestows you with an intuitive practical genuis for solving issues/problems around you and you have no tolerance for useless habit patterns...and your occupation can seem to be one of those patterns.
Right now this influence of transiting Saturn is inflaming the conflict within you that's between self-discipline and the need for freedom...ride it out and watch yourself in situations where-in you may feel the need to exhert this angst. [also, it's providing a serious interest in the structure {Saturn} you were born with, as is represented by your natal chart, is always experiencing change {Uranus}]
I noticed you were born with a Venus/Mercury conj. and a possible Moon/Pluto conj...the latter makes you strong willed and gives a tendency towards destroying current situations and recreating them or a moments notice...more fire for that angst!

...also the recent transits of Pluto conj. your natal Saturn/Uranus conj. combined with transiting Uranus' conj. of your natal North Node and natal Mars have contributed greatly to this whole scenario...I'd go into more detail but I'm not a natal Astrologer per se and I've yet to get breakfast this morning...maybe one of the others here at this forum can expand on what I've given...Hang in there!
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Whoa, very pleased with the responses, and I do thank you ALL for assisting me.

MY apologies, how could I forget too add the birth place :pouty:

I have attached my Natal chart for further analysis, I probably will make a visit to a professional astrologer, but I appreciate the feedback in the mean-time. I feel somewhat saner now haha.

I will review this post shortly. Thanks again, I can't express my appreciation, if only there was some way in repaying you all!


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Welcome to AW,

It would have been much better if you could post a tri wheel, showing progressions, solar arcs and transits from :happy:

Firstly your Saturn transits -- as starlink has already said they happen to everyone. Problem with your chart is hits not only saturn but triggers your saturn/uranus conjunction.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma and master teacher, but really he's trying to teach us about ourselves. It wants us to be responsible, hard working, dutiful and learn our Lessons properly, so they won't have to keep being repeated. Therefore, is usually suggests things slowing down, delays, limitations and restrictions so we can learn these Lessons.

What Saturn does is 'test' what is of value to you and what is working in your life. It wants structure and hard work. If something isn't working--- it may well end--- so something better can be put in it's place.

I use Equal House system and am a modern astrologer. Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all that there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few more.

Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more……. For more information on these go here.

It's only with study and research will you be able to assess where your planets are deposited and in which houses... thus see which 'glove fits'

Just look at the size of the your 6 & 12th houses. So using solar arcs your Neptune conj IC age 2 should poss been somone disappearing, dying, relocating? Age 12 IF your time is correct would have been crucial due to SA Saturn and Uranus conj IC -- so major changes, upheavals, disruptions, poss one parent being strict, aloof, cold strongly disciplined??
Age 16 SA Asc conj Moon -- relocation Age 22 SA Asc conj Pluto major life changes, relocation, job, relationships etc

Now transits need to be kept in perspective here along with secondary progessions, solar arcs. For something major to happen it's usually backed up with something else going on. Heavy transits aspecting a natal planet all depends on the condition of the natal planet

Transits has fee six month transit forecast plus when you get into Extended chart selection, look at the three tabs after calculating a chart under ‘method’ default is circular wheels (on left), middle is special charts and in their you get graphic ephemeris 1yr (or 5years) with natal = transits for 1yr and lots more. BUT you first must learn or memorise the 'glyphs' ie: shorthand for recognising what these maps/graphics mean.

For example when you post or reply to a chart the 'smilies' to the right and just under them [more] if you click on there it will bring up a whole loads of 'glyphs' Mercury :mercury:Uranus :uranus:conjunction:conjunct: (+or - 8') trine :trine:aspect 120' :libra: Libra

Now on it's own Saturn retrograde can suggest a problem with father/authority figures (plus sun opp saturn) and conj uranus = Freedom (uranus) v convention (saturn) uranus can be rebellious, intuitive and receive 'flashes of genius' but saturn wants you to work hard, by dutiful responsible and play by the rules so this creates an internal tug of war and saturn squaring these two will heighten

So, saturn is squaring from a 'cadent' house to 'cadent' house 12th to 3rd. Saturn transiting 12th may

Houses: angular houses 1/7 4/10 the energies of planets placed here are obvious cos it's your 'shop window' visible for everyone to see. Next the succeedent houses 2/8 & 5/11 the energies in these houses are not in shop window the are in the shop, but stood behind the counter, ready to come out when needed. Lastly, cadent houses 6/12 & 3/9 these houses/planets are not in shop window or stood behind the counter, they are in the back storeroom and only come out when 'triggered' or an emergency and much harder to recognise and access...

The houses are like the backdrop of a stage, the setting if you like, the planets are like actors and the aspects are how the planets behave in that settings/stage....

Perhaps you should read this thread entitled: astrology predicts meanings, not events

Other transits like T Pluto onto Saturn/uranus then neptune and then IC, that one will be a biggie, definately a relocation and major changes within the family structure.

Natal mars square uranus can be bad temper or ill thought out actions. Mars square Saturn = frustration, stop/go situations or doing on duty in a cautious and constructive manner. Sun opp neptune is no clear self image espec in teenage years. and finally boy to Cancerians worry and are sensitive moody and bit sulky

Neptune squ Asc can be unrealistic, over sensitive, take things the wrong way. If over stressed you may need extra sleep and go unexplicable tired (I have this aspect) and for no reason (or very little) espec when you get older--- it just creeps up on you...

So, my motto -- don't trouble trouble, til trouble troubles you :biggrin:



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Canceriancrab, I had a closer look at your chart. It is inevitable that these transits, especially the one's from Saturn to conjunction of Saturn/Uranus will have an effect on you, as well as the square to the Sun. Why? Because this transit is not only transiting over these planets, it is also triggering an already existing aspect between the same planets at birth..When a transit, may it be through the natal chart, or the progressed chart, repeats the same sort of connection (this time by square, whilst in your natal chart there is a conjunction to Uranus and an opposition to Sun from Saturn), you are bound to get confronted with a situation which has very much to do with a character trait as the Saturn/Uranus conjunction in your chart as well as that conjunction in opposition to your Sun, clearly show.

Saturn rules your 4th house of early upbringing. I makes an exact conjunction with Uranus, ruler of your 5th house of selfexpression. This to me looks like a situation whereby you were not allowed to do what you really wanted to do as a child. You were probably strongly dominated or restricted (or both) by one of your parents (or both), and could have felt unable to express yourself the way you would have liked, , especially when it came to speaking your mind (Saturn/Uranus are in the 3rd house, Venus conjunct Mercury, a mind which wants to know everything, asking question after question). Venus is retrograding into the 8th house. It would be interesting to find out when Venus, by progression, went direct again!

I think family life could have been a source of (psychological) pain for you as also Chiron in Cancer in a critical degree shows and conjunct your Sun. Higher education could have been one of the reasons which could make you feel somewhat inadequate or insecure. Chiron in the 9th often shows that and you could therefore do everything to show that the intellectual part of you is strongly focussed upon.(maybe to make up for what you think is still lacking).

I suspect that your mother could have been the dominating person in your life who has been instrumental in the way you feel about yourself (Moon conjunt Pluto, ruler of the 2nd house of selfworth).
This has not necessarily been a bad thing because it might have given you the push you probably needed with that Venus in Gemini conjunct Mercury, (not too serious) .So she may be the one who gave you the feeling that domination or being a powerful person in society or in your career will be advantageous to you in life. (Moon ruler 10).

the Moon-Pluto conjunction also shows that your social standing, your career, could be subject to total transformation/restructuriing at some point in your life, also having an effect on your financial situation of course.

You see that your Saturn will also form a semi-sextile with that Moon-Pluto conjunction when Saturn reaches 3° Libra. You could already feel it earlier on in fact, when it is just 2° away from perfection.

So these (often subconscious) memories of wanting to be free and not being able to do that, will now be triggered again. Maybe you are feeling that you are being pushed again (at work, in the family?) similar to when you were a child. You should realise this and acknowledge that things meanwhile have changed and that you probably are projecting your childhood experiences onto new situations in your life. You just dont feel like supporting or helping others at the moment, you have done your share in the past. Look at that Mars in your 6th house of "service to others" in square to the ruler of your Ascendant. There is clearly a problem concerning support from others you have to overcome. Maybe you feel unappreciated?

Saturn has passed the exact opposition to that Mars and also squared your Venus not so long ago. Did you feel like throwing the towel already in June? (in your marriage?).

Think about these things and see if you recognise certain patterns.
Communication is crucial here I think. When you are not happy,either in your work or in your marriage, put your cards on the table, honestly, explain how you feel and try to find a solution. Your Mercury conj. Venus in 8th/9th will be assisting you here.

I think that Pluto who also is transiting your Saturn/Uranus conjunction and opposing your Sun and sextiling that Moon/Pluto conjunction has far more to do with your present feelings than Saturn if you ask me. Pluto asks from you to get rid of everything that does not work for you anymore and either adjust it to something that does satisfy you or radically change your life situation.


PS: It is a most interesting time in your life, believe me, when it is all over, you will feel like a new YOU.
Firstly; Starlink, Astrologer50, RAVEN, Piercethevalce, I applaud yourselves on your evidently in-depth knowledge, and expertise on Astrology, and can't thank you enough for your time in assisting myself.

I have quoted and answered extracts of Starlinks findings, and hope that by giving such answers, will further benefit the larger 'astrologyweekly' community, yourselves, and myself, on further identifying the patterns of such transits and natal positons, using some extracts of my life as an example, but would probably need to summon upon your expertise again, to ensure that what I am explaining, flows and correctly matches, what you are saying, as not to be misleading in any way, shape or form, which would contradict this post.

I also would like to see, and Invite your feed back on my answers, and it would be literally ‘life-saving’ if you could offer your advice or anything that you wish to contribute.

You just dont feel like supporting or helping others at the moment, you have done your share in the past. Look at that Mars in your 6th house of "service to others" in square to the ruler of your Ascendant. There is clearly a problem concerning support from others you have to overcome. Maybe you feel unappreciated?
Saturn has passed the exact opposition to that Mars and also squared your Venus not so long ago. Did you feel like throwing the towel already in June? (in your marriage?)

VERY INTERESTING. Correct in many ways, however, as of very recent, I do feel like helping and supporting others (that I KNOW are worthy of my support - not those that I don't feel are worthy (since JUNE life lesson; this is my train of thought). However, I feel an urge to want to help those that I care for, friends/family, that I know I can help, but I sometimes do resent this, mainly because I take on too much, and I usually help out nearly EVERYONE around me, but then I am too good-to-be-true, and this embeds sub consciously that these people I am helping can treat me as their 'slave' in some ways, as they no longer appreciate the things I do for them, take for granted perhaps, not acknowledge my hard work FOR THEM.

To make things worst, I am WAY too independent to even think of asking for help, a lot of things that I have done in my life was because I initiated and executed my plans. I never ask anyone for anything, and this is also why I feel used, I don’t ask for a fair return from those that I help, because I feel that if I am, then it shows in not independent, and I can’t lower myself, and it makes me feel like they are better than me. It is a vicious cycle, but this was alerted to me in June, I could see that I was giving up my own life, for the greater world, but then I questioned, what’s going to happen when I am on my death bed and look back on life to see that I don’t feel a sense of achievement, as most of my time has been spent helping others. This is the fuel to assisting me in helping only those that are worthy of my support, not just anyone. But even then, with my ‘independence’, this cycle is on repeat on a smaller scale, but the aftermath hurts me just as bad as previous times, regardless of the spectrum scale this last scenario being played on.

Furthermore, I don't talk my self up or blow my own trumpet, but the Irony of this is that these people I help will be the first to kick up a stink, when I act on my emotions and rightfully tell them to go get 'f*cked' once in a while, when I realize the sucker I have and am being, but they see this more as a random act of foolishness/greed/self centered on my part, as opposed the correct reason, which is my way of asking nicely to allow me to break free the chains their sub-conscious minds have put on me, which IRONICALY, I have put on myself and them, and off course these chains don't physically exist, and I can control them, but for some reason my heart doesn’t want too undo them, and when I think of undoing them, I feel a VERY BIG SENSE OF GUILT, and I usually apologies for my behavior (even though I haven’t done anything wrong)…perhaps lack of expression? This question and answer had confronted me, in mid to end of June, this year, which was a big turn point in my life, but only one of many, I know.

The ultimate contradiction in my life, compared to what the ‘norm’ says, is that, IF you show others loves, treat others with respect, you will receive the same in return. In my life, this point is echoed, but in a contradicting way. I AM and HAVE giving love, I AM and HAVE helped others (more than myself), I DO and HAVE shown respect to others, I NEVER force anything on anyone, yet I seem to still receive the negatives of someone who wouldn’t do the above, and further, someone who would live a self centered life.

This is what does my head in most – Then I think that maybe you do need to ‘kick up a stink’ and ‘stand up’ for your rights, to ensure the universe acknowledges the hard effort, otherwise, without acknowledgement, what sense of satisfaction is their, which leads to the same outcome as someone who lived a self-centered life, in the context of my paragraph above.

Another example, I played soccer for one month with two broken toe nails (haha try kicking a soccer ball in that state), along with a rolled ankle (in recovery) and a torn quad muscle. My team mate complained that he had muscle injury in one of his hamstrings, received compassion from the team as well, but, when I told him my list of current issues; you can imagine what he & the rest of the team had thought.

I can keep listing more of these stories, if anyone wants more of a laugh, but they are true and you may laugh when reading them (I would too), but these stories are equivalents to stab/s in my heart!

the Moon-Pluto conjunction also shows that your social standing, your career, could be subject to total transformation/restructuriing at some point in your life, also having an effect on your financial situation of course.

You see that your Saturn will also form a semi-sextile with that Moon-Pluto conjunction when Saturn reaches 3° Libra. You could already feel it earlier on in fact, when it is just 2° away from perfection.

Social standing, transformation, can be seen in my above extract. Career wise, my Mother last night told me that she was asking my father to ask his co-worker/Sales manager to assist in training me in a sales role, as opposed to the ‘management role’ that I am presently in. It looks like I may be heading into sales much sooner than I thought (as I WANT) and she is helping me. To give you a little insight, financially, they say, “The sky is the limit when selling property” and I know this change in my career will benefit me financially, mentally and reinforce this social transformation (I am sure is already starting to occur-but not peaked), for the better.

Many thanks again and I look forward to ALL responses, contributions.


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I think you are going to be fine.

It's a generational thing. I'm just starting to go through Saturn square Saturn and Saturn square Uranus. I'm sure it'll be funnnnnn:w00t:!

Well it has been some time since I started this thread, and thought in fairness to those that replied (and anyone else still willing to reply) I would share my findings upto now;

When I left off with this thread my situation can be described in the first post, and clarified in the posts that follow it.

Now, it seems like I am in the same role, same job, although, while this job (real estate property manager) stayed, a lot of other things have changed behind the scenes, which will require me to terminate my real estate job if any of my plans since making this thread are to come fourth and turn intro realities, away from my castles in the sky.

Since writing the first post, I have finally ‘remembered’ my talent in using words, and one thing led to another, and then I was writing ‘rap’ lyrics/songs/poetry with out much grief. What the text book said ‘separated the men from the boy’s’ came to me naturally with out much thought [I am referring to multi syllable rhyming] one of the hardest poetry tools. This came soon after a change from producing Hardstyle music, which usually is more revolving around percussion and distorted sound with minimal if non-existent singing, OPPOSED to rap and hip hop music that focuses a lot on the words, as well as the ‘beat’ or song/sounds, than just the sounds of the song alone.

Instantly, I realized what talent was and meant (too me at least). Talent to me was instantly defined as ‘things’ that came easier or can be brought forward with out much ‘effort/work’ (not in the usual definition of the words) for the person with talent, as opposed, to the learner (with out talent) who likely would have to ‘try’ harder to gather the same end result as the person with talent. The person with talent may for example make 10 songs in 10 days although the person who doesn’t have the talent naturally (although acquired through learning) may be able to make 2 songs in 10 days, or make 10 songs in 10 days and be asking the doctor to prescribe more amphetamines, as opposed to the person with talent who did the same 10 songs in 10 days under the influence of Coca Cola or red cordial alongside other mundane tasks. The learner must draw from previous experience (and likely much more) where-as the talent can consult some unknown source, maybe Neptune, or with less friction than the learner in attaining a self fulfilling and satisfying end result. This last point in itself could be argued, as to define ‘satisfying’, in this context, I have used satisfying, for the reason of how long is a piece of string?

Coincidently, I have only last week met a girl that also does poetry or ‘rap’. Wow, what a coincidence given that I have not had a girl friend in my entire life, or any close experiences or encounters with females (on a personal level) before, especially in something that feels more myself, than a persona or fake mask I usually have worn my entire life upto this time in my life.

The point I am trying to make is that a lot of good has come about in the past months since undertaking and focusing on this ‘alternate’ path to poetry and music, as opposed to my recent 5 years of working in real estate. A fire that was turning dull, somehow, is now slowly turning bright and brighter as each day passes. It’s as if the real estate path is VERY promising, although, with some ‘non existent’ limit already set somewhere in front of me (parents are successful in this field of work and so is majority of my family origins (great grandparents, uncles, parents, etc), so I know where this industry can financially, emotionally and materially lead you.

Even though I can’t see the path in front of the grey fog poetry walk way, I can assure you the smell is similar to a chocolate cake baking in the oven and very appeasing, especially after I have found something that feels really apart of me, not just what my parents want me to be (thus the family business in real estate that I have worked in for 5 years).

I feel like I am someone now, not just something, I now have something to believe in or going on for me, as opposed to just going to work to get paid so I can live life and hope the future brings me a lottery win with my lottery ticket.

The entire journey to my current position of undertaking stage performance classes (in an attempted to push this ‘rap and rhyme’ dream further was all as a result of when my friend took me to a very large dance party when I was 18 (now 21) and from that day onwards, I knew that a DJ was where I wanted to be. Although, I can see that the DJ path, which seemed good at the time (18) led me to undertake music production classes, which managed to get me writing lyrics one day, which lead to using my production skills in producing my vocal and lyric abilities, in addition to making music accompanying the lyrics that I write.

You see how all this in my life ties up, although with Pluto op Sun and Sat sq Sat along with Sat sq Ura and the T-Cross/Square about to occur in the coming weeks makes me ready to pick up my luggage and move with what ever comes, I can nearly expect it for some reason. This time for the better though, feels good.

Further, I have a feeling as if I know when my adenoids get taken out (allowing me to finally breath through my nose along with sing in a non nasally fashion [re-grown to extremes sizes, seen as rare in medical world according to specialist) on the 19/05/2010, that my life will ‘change/swap’ and this will mark the first ‘official’ step down an unknown path which I am going to take (supports my astrological makeup), regardless of outcome (living away from home, living my own life really), just hope the universe covers my back like everyone says. If anyone is interest, I actually created lyrics to a song on parts of my experience above with taking this path and being at the ‘fork’ of my journey.

Although, it is at this time I have another issue. The lesson Saturn wants to teach me is that I need to be able to live my own life, and not follow what my Mum and Dad say. Mother has the iron fist, and dad just follows suite being the backbone and support.

I now realize that this ‘smothering of mothering’ can only go on for so long after childhood, before it takes shape of a negative influence in life, which I am sure we can all respect as an adult is an adult for a reason.

# When I say ditch, I refer too my own example of not really doing what I wanted to do, but doing what everyone else around me wants me to do at my expense (emotionally and financially), either because they feel it is in my best interest, or its for their benefit in some disguise. Family maybe, but this is a theme echoed in every corner of my life.

The only way I can see the sky as teaching me this lesson, would be to separate myself from parents. I am in fear via means of DEATH. It sounds bad; it is probably the last thing a child of two currently VERY healthy and currently living parents would dare say.

The reasoning for such twisted thinking (as much as it really hurts me) is that Pluto will Oppose Sun perfectly very soon in my 4th house, opposite my MC in 10th house Libra rising. My parents are both on a 25th wedding anniversary boat cruise around Europe to celebrate, and they will both be on a flight, FLIGHT, back home around this Thursday, the 8th May. Not far away from the T-cross in the sky due to occur around 17th-19th May, along with my adenoids being removed on the 19th.

If you can’t see it yet, it seems like all paths of my life are leading to this one departure point. But to depart, I need to leave something, maybe someone, behind, or a vast variety of the two. These thoughts and flashes have been getting stronger over the past two weeks or so. Ironic or not, my forecasts all said that this was a time when any psychic powers would flourish, always known that I have had this psychic ability to some extent. This is why I fear what I fear, and have heard that sun opposes Pluto in the 4th, opposite the MC in 10th, can be hurtful from a family perspective, even more-so for your typical ‘Brady bunch family’ which best describes my family and upbringing.

# Example of being psychic, I can tell before someone calls my phone that it is, or I can feel before the teacher would yell my name in class for a response, or before my name was drawn from the barrel to win the winning door prize, etc. I am trying too fine tune these powers, so they are not so random or spontaneous.

Upto this time, I have been coming to all these conclusions myself, and it hasn’t been easy I assure you, very time consuming, and I have had to make some big brave changes, that I suspect would soon change me otherwise, and that I now see REQUIRED changing, I just have the chance now to choose which way they change. I have also had to consult my sensors and feelers alongside three different ‘personal horoscopes forecasts’ along with 4 different ‘general horoscopes’ from different astrologers, and one specializing in Vedic astrology upto now.

Vedic says I am a full Gemini, Vedic to me seems more accurate in my instance given I was born on the cusp, and the moon in the first can describe the cancerian traits that make me, in addition to the mercury in the first house, along with virgo rising. This paragraph is ALL according to the rules of Vedic astrology, although, the entire post is from the view of Western Astrology.

I have also consulted a professional astrologer on three occasions since creating the original post and thus thread. Along so many other things. For the record, upto now, I assure you; every minute from the day I left this thread has and still is being spent on where to go, what to do, this conclusion has not come easily but with every day is clearer, and now at a point with a lot of clarity.

I hope the above brings some closure to this thread, and I have taken this time out to type this ‘follower’ post as to show my thanks to those above that have helped an assisted with the change of direction, it is really appreciated.

Although, last question I am struggling to work out on my own, and I can clearly see why I may be so ******* up (with not having a girl friend in the past [or any real close emotional encounter with opposite sex]) which may be why I feel so guilty when approaching woman, or feeling guilty when asking for something sexual from a woman, etc. I just seem to fill guilty when I have no reason to be guilty, and this is one VERY good example, that has and is affecting my life, or next in ‘que’ to be shot.

I can now acknowledge and recognize this guilt has been going on under the surface of my life all these years, but only now am I finding time to tackle the other 101 astrological issues I keep finding prop up, or that I have ‘turned a blind eye too’ over this period of my life.

Thank you again, the path is far from complete, but a starting point is required before we arrive to the destination which we can all respect.
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Hello Canceriancrab! I just PM'd, rather, tried to PM you, but it did not go through as I have to wait before sending it off after having send another PM earlier.
Anyways, I am very glad to hear how you have experienced these last month since your first post. Yes, Pluto is really doing it to you:)!! Interesting to read that your psychic abilities seem to have become stronger. A cardreader/medium told my son that he would experience the same thing soon, becoming clearvoyant. I think that adversity in life and a certain amount of suffering lead to such things like being very intuitive up to the point of clairvoyancy or other phenomen.
I thank you for your kind words, also the one's in your PM. I am very happy things are going the way they are supposed to go in your life. It is great to see someone living so consciously, trying to improve their live.
I have little time at the moment, but will come back to see what else I could say.

Cheers, Starlink


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I am so happy things are going well for you and you dealt with the transit in the best way possible!:happy: Thank you for your kind PM, and I wish you well in the future!