Literal mechanism that connects heaven and earth


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What is the literal mechanism by which celestial bodies are connected to Earth events, and why are they connected? How do you conceptualize it?

I know not everyone will consider this a productive question, but hear me out.

I'd love to hear how everyone conceptualizes it and how you came to that idea (or where if there's a resource.)

(I know our solar system is connected by gravitational pull to our star, and that all things are one/connected on an ecosystem/star birth and spiritual level.)

To give you an example, I once heard someone explain that the reason why crystals would be able to influence us is that rocks are extremely old, the oldest things we have around us by far, and crystals were made in a certain time in a certain way long ago and then preserved ever since, so it makes sense that they would have absorbed certain earth energies. Not really a full explanation but that really helped my brain to grasp it a little bit.

All thoughts appreciated! <3

dr. farr

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the connection mentioned above might be via what conventional science calls “dark energy & dark matter”, which comprises the vast majority of what science considers the universe, and of which the known physical (observable) universe makes up only around 4%.


if the flat earth theory is true, it all becomes a lot simpler, jupiter is no longer x billion miles away.
Still no actual physical link to us though.

dr. farr

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Of course there may be no connective mechanism whatsoever-it might all be a matter of pure synchronicity. This is actually what I originally believed prior to the scientific discovery of the dark energy/dark matter universe some 30 years ago.