Liquid Water on Pluto?


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A comet strike on Pluto hints it may be hiding a giant, habitable ocean
2016-11-16 20:16:03.886 GMT

(Business Insider)

Two new studies of Pluto suggest the enigmatic ice ball was walloped by a
giant comet, and that it is hiding a very big secret: liquid water.

If two groups of scientists are correct, Pluto isn't frozen solid some 3
billion miles away from the sun.

Instead, trapped beneath layers of frozen nitrogen and water ice, it probably
has a subsurface ocean blended with alcohol, ammonia, and other antifreeze

"Pluto, once a planet, then a dwarf planet, may now soon also adopt the
moniker of 'ocean world'," Kevin Hand, a planetary scientist at NASA JPL who
wasn't involved in the research, told Business Insider in an email.