Lilith's Song


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I've always had a desire to sing. Well, not as a mandatory career but something to work on if politics doesn't work out. So I wanted to share one of my latest songs with my Astro friends ^^.

Song Title: Lilith's feelings

You thought I was dead, that after being forsaken and forgotten
that after being drowned in the evils of darkness that my
purity would fade, you were wrong it would just merely
change. I've changed and my words and my personality
reflect that change. You, who took me for granted always
and always shall now feel my pain of hatred!

Surely, you would try to take advantage of me again but
I shall not allow it, even if my skin is tainted with the blood
of evil....My dignity as a woman will be retained, I will no
longer allow my kindness and my faith to be raped by the
likes of you!

Definately, I wish to love you again but only when I can
believe once again in a love of two people.

After a long period of time, I found you on my laps. After
looking at you sleeping innocently. My hatred which dominated
my mind and heart for so long, has now left my body and
soul and I can once again bestow upon you: My love.

I want to take you, to a private place. Just the two of us
alone in the ocean. With the sun setting on us as we
embrace each other, eyeing each other with earnest love.
As we blush, I wish to plant a kiss on your lips.

This time, it's truly sincere love......