Lilith singleton (in Taurus) 6th house


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Hi; what is like to have a Lilith Singleton; i have Lilith in Taurus 6th house; i wonder if it could have something to do with fear, and one hand, and with body issues (fear of sex vs attraction to sex; etc.)? Any comment would be great; thanks in advance. Greetings
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Actually I don't use asteroids or dwarf planets in my readings, usually because they are conjunct (approx) planets and therefore energy dynamics cannot be attributed to them. So having Lilith as a singleton is actually the best way to research it.

However: NO asteroid or other orbiting body can create dynamics which don't already exist SOMEPLACE else in the chart. So isolate the symptoms you have and see if other criteria in the chart could be said to be ''causing'' it.

Asking others about their Lilith will not give you information about YOUR Lilith.

Fear is usually caused by a combination of difficult aspects and/or placements of Moon, Mars, Uranus, Neptune.... if those areas of your chart are analyzed and found to be compromised, then aspects with Lilith will just add to the issues and possibly, in the 6th house, cause ''physical symptoms.''