lilith placement in natal chart


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Hello everyone,

I am currently analysing my natal chart. Would anyone have any considerations/ideas/advice about my lilith placement?

some quick glance observations:
- its conjunct ruler of 7th house which is also descendant ruler
- its conjunct venus and mars (!) in 5th.... (mars is also ruler of 5th in 5th)
- lilith is in 5th
- lilith is conjunct mars which could be interpreted as chart ruler (competing with pluto here... they are both strong positions because pluto is 12th ruler in 12th also)

-is this a bad position for long term relationships and children? I have part of fortune conjunct north node conjunct descendant. However, the descendant ruler which is venus is conjunct lilith...

Thank you for your time.



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When looking at Lilith, I feel like it is looked at in context of the planets surrounding it. Which is what you did, by breaking down It’s conjunction with Venus/Mars in the 5th.

In other words, if your 5th house was a homemade cake and you wanted to assess the recipe, you would look to Mars, Venus, the signs Aries/Libra,and their aspects, to describe the cake batter and the icing.

Lilith would describe the decorations on the red velvet cake, not the cake itself.

So how does the Venus/Mars conjunction play out for you? Venus in it’s fall, applying to exalted Mars in Aries, the ruler of the 5th and Asc,, and trining Uranus in Sag in the 1st.

I would guess that you might sometimes find yourself attracted to very sexy men who have a hard time with commitment?

I would guess that you sometimes feel out of your element in the 5th of love and dating because you attract unwanted attention and feel vulnerable.

Lilith is the shiny, satiny ribbon on the red velvet cake. You attract attention for your beauty and sexual energy—but does it make you uncomfortable? I feel you are like Little Red Riding Hood with the sexy wolf in the forest. You are intrigued, but hurry away because it is overwhelming.

I think that Uranus in the 1st gives you excuses to cut ties with others quicker than they’d like?

Venus-Lilith conjunction brings the need to learn about partnerships , values, resources, and love by trusting instincts. And that can be hard to do with Venus in it’s fall. You might fear these things at times.
You Feel emotions, especially romantic ones very deeply.But it is uncomfortable.

Adding in Aries and conjunct Mars, that brings it to another level==it’s polarity. So I’d think you have conflicting feelings about your sexual energy and potential love relationships.

You desire it and feel it deeply but may deny or reject the opportunities unless you are totally convinced—which rarely happens?

But you have the ability to have 7th house relationships---if you decide to do so. You need to make the commitment too work through your own fears concerning the dance it involves.:love:


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Lilith placement in 5th according to what I looked up on internet search: Lilith in 5th house indicates that you had to meet pain way too early. Your inner child is be scarred with this placement, ashamed of wanting to play and have fun. This influences your life as an adult, because Lilith here cannot get the love and joy it desires deep down. The fifth house is all about creativity. And another one: Lilith in Aries suggests that you are strong, ambitious, and you strive to be independent at an early age. You have a high self-esteem. Lilith here is self-confident, what makes her particularly attractive. Black Moon Lilith in Aries is extremely competitive and has a strong drive to win.