Lilith exalted and in 10th house (dignity)


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Wow! This is so interesting.
Lilith rules Gemini and so it makes more sense as a rulership rather than Mercury because Gemini is always more Lilithian anyways.

Gemini -Ruler Lilith
Virgo -ruler Hygiea
Capricorn Saturn, exalt Lilith.

I think we need to do away with Mercury. It doesn't serve any function in modern astrology anymore. It was hanging on like an appendix...barely ever considered/used unless it was in Pisces or Scorpio.


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Mercury rules the thinking and communicating functions. It rules the hands. Traditionally Mercury rules trade and currency.

Which one of these functions do you find irrelevant?
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This isn't correct, Bunraku.

Please keep in mind that horoscopic astrology has been around for over 2000 years; and modern astrology, for about the past 120. Pluto was discovered over 90 years ago.

Astrology doesn't change that quickly. It is important to learn the basics prior to speculating or making unfounded assumptions.

If you spend time on the horary boards you will see a lot of use of Mercury and very little of Pluto.

Planets are exalted or domiciled in signs, not in houses.


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May I ask why a point in empty space (Lilith) is now ruling Gemini, and not Hermes?

This is quite literally Lilith, the point labelled "apogee"

How would it rule Gemini, if it is not even visible?


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This is the first time as well that I hear about Lilith ruling Gemini. I thought signs were ruled by planets, and not hypothetical points in the sky... Mercury rules Gemini.

Anyway, I see very little similarity between the themes of Lilith and Gemini. Lilith has more similarities with Scorpio/Pluto.