life,time and happiness Slipping through fingers


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Dear All,

I was here some time ago under the heading "Going to be homeless soon and need help". My Home front since then has calmed down a little, but still I haven't being able to find work? Work come very close and slips through my fingers? I do not understand this? I have tried many ways to make up my mind but I am loosing it. I feel like going crazy! My Inner self pushes me beyond control to find the same management position or higher than what I have being doing. I have to listen to it since, if I find some other minor work I will punish myself beyond repair. I may sound crazy but the rush inside me to find the right management position is extremely powerful.

To support that I have being learning and reading about my line of work and I understand things better than before!. I do not know how I understand things better just like I got up from sleep and I found wisdom In what I love to do! I have the knowledge similar to any top notch guy in my profession. I am self taught? and I still come to the final of an interview and not get chosen?? Is this possible?

Please help me with this situation? What is going on here? When am I going to find work? Please help me, I am seriously in need of a time line of when things going to change.

My birth time, day, month and longitude and latitude 1.02 pm 1974 February 19th. 07°18'N 80°43'E. I was born in Sri Lanka and Lives in California now.


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Upload your natal chart.Experienced members will study it and give their views.You can create one using


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Thanks, Bikram. I have attached the link.
astro_w2gw_01_dug_hund_hp.22410.4885.gif Please help anyone who can help me.
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