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Summery Joy

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Hey fellow Astrologers,

I'm new to this forum and to astrology in general. On my first messege, I'd like to thank Radu for the wonderful job he is doing on this website.

Now, let's get down to the subject. Has anyone else noticed how many people who have affected humanity had Libra rising? I already know of Adolf Hitler, Mohanadas Ghandhi and Alfred Nobel. Sun in Libra isn't as powerful (I say that from my very limited experience with it). How come Libra rising is so influencial?

Any thoughts?


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Hi and welcome. I hope you aren't 'sorehearted' too much! Heal that Heart fast OK?

About Libra ASC/Rising. Aries and Libra are opposit Signs or rather two sides of one coin in a sense. You can't have one without the other Sign manifesting in different ways. Aries deals with self - Libra deals with all Others outside of 'self'. These 2 Signs are learning that self/Self - and everyone else really aren't as separated as we believe they are!

So with Libra Rising (1st house of self) these people naturally relate to 'all Others' as different aspects of themself, self/Self. Its easy for them to relate to many different types of people also. Very holographic type energy and awareness. I'd think that many people with a Libra ASC would be highly attuned to humanity in general, and well on into the Unseen Realms where other 'Others' reside.

I've never seen the Charts of the people you mentioned so I can't say anything about that. There had to be many other things in these people's Charts/Souls to have also manifested all the amazing things they did however. Libra Rising was one strong and very important aspect of a much larger, complex whole picture.

Throw a kiss at the Pyramid and smile warmly at the Sphinx too for me please. :) Thanks.

Summery Joy

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Hey Lapis,

Thank you for your speedy reply. You make a lot of sense. Actually, my initial idea was maybe people with Libra ASC are just incredibly charming that they attract masses of people to their cause. Another example of people with Libra ASC is Britney Spears. I know her accomplishments do not even compare to those of the individuals I've mentioned in my original post, but look what she has done to the entertainment scene!

Anyway, you can find the charts of Adolf Hitler and Alfred Nobel in the "Chart of Celebreties" section in this website. Just go to the main page and you'll find the link.

Again, thank you for your insight. The pyramids and the Sphinx got your greetings :)