Libra and Pisces?


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Are Libra and Pisces a bad romantic match?

I met a Libra guy online who I felt really attracted to after a few conversations and the chemistry was great. He was so charming with his words.
He expressed interest in me and said he found me attractive but would just like a friends with benefits dynamic for now...which I wasn't really interested in. I'm a deep feeling pisces sun/cancer moon person (virgo rising), with my mercury and Mars in aquarius.
He's a Libra sun/gemini moon with a few Scorpio placements like Venus in Scorpio. (maybe that's why we had a connection?)

Anyway, when I told him I am not really into his proposition and would prefer something more exclusive, he was very kind and understanding about it but disappeared shortly after..
Is this typical Libra behavior or this person just wasn't really interested in anything with me but pursuing a physical relationship?
And are pisces and libra very incompatible and destined for disaster?
I find this sign to be polite and understanding like my own, but more in a people-pleasing way and less in a compassionate way as pisces would be.

[please post a synastry chart - Moderator]
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There is no chart. just at a glance there is no way to determine if someone is compatible or not based off their son sign you can get an idea with a few other planets involved but aspects will really matter and you should really deal with in a synastry chart.
Venus Scorpio can make him jealous or possessive but probably a high sex drive. As well as the other Scorpio placements you mentioned. Libra’s are always in a relationship or dealing with somebody. Not that there a player but they are never truly single. I would appreciate him being upfront and honest about his intentions and if they don’t align with yours then move onto the next one. Libras don’t spend time being single or not getting what they want in all honesty. They are very vain and I personally find them to be the most narcissistic sign of them all. I’m sure there was a connection but just like this person didn’t find what he was looking for he moved on and you should do the same in my opinion