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Sebastien Cheritte

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I want to get to the bottom of my weird Mars placement.

Mars is action orientated. Now with loose squares (6°/8°) to Pluto/Saturn in Libra 8th from 5th in Cancer & a direct sesqui-quadrate to Uranus in 9th in Sagittrius. I would say that there isn't really much to make Mars a happy camper, the angles are so ridiculous. do they even count?

If i focus on a 7° orb rate there won't be any aspects made at all besides the conjunction with Pars. Mars implodes.

Could this have sparked my interest in boxing from a young age?

I am now 28, in the middle of a goddamn saturn return in 8th which WILL rip my partnerships to pieces unless i find an output for my deadly anger.

I looked to boxing - once again. Now generally i am well-rounded with a sunny disposition and usually quite optimistic (apart from my occasional stroke of rogue-lion cynicism) but i actually like the concept of getting battered and doing some battering - i don't usually back down to anyone, size means nothing, i am VERY brave. So it's not just those who are close to me that get it, i dish it out like its candy for anyone who wants sum. Yeah - i know, it's nothing to be proud of, but i am in the middle of doing something about it if you let me finnish.

I started doing the training, the training is a b*tch, 2 hour sessions, 3 times a week for two weeks, and 1hr40min twice a week for 2 weeks of the month. that's 7hrs20min/month
So far, it's been 2 months, 3rd in progress.

Now, i'm coming up quite quickly in this class, got my form, got my stance right, not sparring yet, but the bag is taking some damage :D and i'm working toward something that i haven't given up on for the first time.

I'm known to give up, of course. I get bored. But i like the idea of pain, suffering & more pain, more suffering, plus i enjoy beating the S**te out of anything, anywhere, any time.
So I'm doing it. Not taking my punches out on people who don't deserve it anymore. :andy:

It's a start, show some respect.

I weigh in at 135lbs (lightweight), i'm determined, i'm getting really fit, i can SEE the difference. I am very impressed.

Down to business.

These are some of my ideas on the subject

Sun = Attitude in the ring
Moon = Emotional ease/difficulty in the ring
Mercury = How i'll study my craft
Venus = Health, Appearance (of myself and perhaps my opponents)
Mars = style of fighting, form, energy, endurance. passive/aggressive

I'd like you to help me dive into this subject to develop a psycology which is useful, that i can pass along to others who are the same.

- Chart attached


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How is your boxing training going?

Mars in Cancer can be good for boxing.

My guess is you have a very instinctive and reactive style. Playing a thinking man's game like Floyd Mayweather isn't your thing.

Sebastien Cheritte

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Wow has it been a while or what!!

I'M so happy to get a reply from this thread, listen yeah the training is powerful mate, still training though, keep thinking i'll get a license but it never happens.
I'm on it though boss, seriously, i have a personal trainer now as well, working out at least 4 times a week, the training has slowed down slightly to 1hr/day, and now my food intake is less as well, due to a change of work. trade-off's aren't my thing. Listen, Southpaw, my body fat has decreased, but i've learned it's not a good thing since i need that excess to sweat off otherwise i'll drop to the bottom of my weight class, the training isn't as intense as it was, WTF is going on with the planets, i could use an energy boost from aries, speaking of which Uranus there is doing me a lot of good i reckon, because i've noticed people being really unpredictable these days, not sticking to their styles, changing at the last minute, not doing them any good, but i can play that one out easy, i stick to my method, btw, i'm starting to believe Taurians are made for this game, only they are slow learners, good thing is they don't mind taking the punches to find their strength, when they got it, you can't beat 'em.

I need to get in the ring, gotta train harder i reckon. eat more. f**k i dunno.