Leo Moons ONLY Thread


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Have you experienced the progressed gemini moon as well Ilene? I noticed that during the progressed taurus moon i spent most of my time in my comfort zone, i barely took any action, as well as the emotional tension added from the squares :0 but i also learnt how to be calmer and more mature, and spent a lot of time exploring new foods and aesthetics. I wonder if prog. gemini moon could be a time for more exciting things that are enjoyable for a leo moon
This upcoming progressed Moon in GE will be my third. The previous progressed Moon moving from Taurus into Gemini was huge shift in being for me, esp as it crossed my midheaven. Natal Mercury is elevated, rules my Asc and MC, and is in dignity in Gemini. So very much more airy, spacious, dynamic. :giggle:
And as mentioned by others here on this thread, it will sextile natal Moon in Leo. So we shall see.
Please keep us posted on how your progressed Moon unfolds.


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Im coming back here to say im hating these progressed aspects im trying to be positive but its hard, dont know if this is right but right now my progressed moon is conjunct natal saturn, progressed sun conjunct transit saturn, and natal saturn opposing my progressed ascendant all of these at around 0-1 orb. Im using whole signs for this since an 8h moon progression seems to fit better for how im doing. not to sound like a baby but emotional stress is hard on me and affects me easily so i learnt some tactics to cope with it and avoid stuff that makes me feel bad but with this its very internal and sort of inescapable? And recently been especially rough i didnt eat for two days and was real sick from feeling so tense and bad mentally. Since then ive felt nauseous everyday, no sleep and heart palpitations. And i cant even manage to socialize rn. Next year pluto is gonna be opposite my prog. moon. đź’” sorry to dump this on here, dont quote please
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It looks like Saturn is the planet to get to know.

I view Saturn as my wisest teacher.

His lessons are not a lot of fun: hard work, perseverance, deferred gratification, and even real hardship. But he teaches courage and stamina.

Saturn doesn't promise that the bad times will never happen. He teaches how to become a more resilient person when they do happen.