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I love this image for Leo... :)

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I raise you one,



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Aslan became my favorite character in the Chronicles of Narnia series, that I read with my youngest niece some years ago. In the story, he's actually an incarnation of Jesus Christ, a figure that I don't worship, but whose messages are quite beautiful at times. The character had me thinking about Leo and it's ruler the Sun (or the Son?).

That aside, I think the series is great for children.

I grew up with Aslan! Reading the Chronicles of Narnia but also watching the BBC Narnia series on VHS.

The talking animals that hid in plain sight from the humans in the later novels became so deeply embedded in my imagination it has stayed part of my mind to this day.

Here is a clip from the Aslan I know, the British version.



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I think they use both.

Importance of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Feb 24, 2021 · In Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered to be the most influential planet, as it governs mind and emotions, temperament, behavior, mood, instincts, emotional makeup, and feelings. Moon is the inner self, while Sun is how

Note: - My Moon position is still in LEO IN SIDEREAL (VEDIC) CHART....because it's very near Regulus in Tropical...
So there is no question for me.
My Asc. changes however as does my Sun sign to the prior signs.


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Or else what? :lol:

Why can't you let it go? :unsure:
I already posted about why it's important to not allow :moon::leo: egos to get out of control.
Every sign has higher/lower qualities.
Just a friendly reminder that 'My :moon::leo:' is the best position is both childish & a dis-service to the study of
REAL astrology.
We ALL have faults, no matter what position our :moon:is in.
A little humility is a good thing. 😊😊

"Leo is incredibly attuned to their own wants and needs," explains Marquardt. "
At its worst, this can come off in a narcissistic way, playing into the stereotype Leos have for always needing
to be the center of attention."
Ultimately, if Leos flaunt their ego too much, they will repel other people.



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Blackbery, it's because you're cute when you're mad.

Nobody is saying that the Leo moon is the "best" position. Astrologically the moon is domiciled in Cancer and exalted in Taurus, so a big shout-out to them.

Also, generally the "ego" is associated with the sun, not the moon.

All that we lunar Leos are saying is that we are happy to be who we are. If that "repels" other people, that's their problem.

We tend to be generous, fun-loving, and forgiving of people who get agitated and irritable about moon signs.


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I love my Leo Moon [no pun intended, you know, "love" my Leo Moon?]. But I do.
It is the brightest, shiniest, most supportive appreciative part of my chart, even being peregrine, between Mars and Saturn in the 12th, and squaring the Sun.

The best part of Leo Moon is not the appreciation I receive, which often is generous, but the heartfelt unfettered expression of appreciation that I have available to offer out into the world. It is free and easy flowing quite a bit of time. It is my natural, genuine fallback position. It is a joy and I am grateful!

Offering that appreciation inwardly, given Moon's condition, is my life work, awakening to the truth of our inherent goodness. It is joyous life work, even when it is not going so well...
Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention, Leo Moon applies to trine Jupiter in Sag. I suppose that is why Leo Moon is so nice for me. :giggle:


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My Moon is square Pluto, though. So the intensity can be felt at times.
I believe that my Moon in Leo is loosely trined with my Mars in Aries. I have to be careful of coming off too domineering; I'm not trying to be domineering, just fiery. And that can scare some people. Also, fire signs can learn some tact, sometimes, too.


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Not all Moon in Leos are domineering. In my experience, most aren't. They are warm and confident, though.
I have rarely been described as domineering (except during my mental breakdowns during my teen years, I am 34 years old now), but today people describe me as warm and loyal.