Leo is the STRONGEST Zodiac sign


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Modern astrology has taken to bashing Leos and making the sign out to be a joke but really this is out of envy than anything else. I think that other zodiac signs have a lot of envy towards Leos because of how powerful the sign itself is.

When the average person speaks of zodiac signs, what are they speaking of in most cases? The sun sign. Where is the sun domiciled? In Leo. It is a fixed fire sign and represents energy at its core. No other element can do anything about fixed fire which scorches earth and turns water into air.

All other bodies and planets bow down to the sun, it is the sign associated with the throne and the ultimate end goal. In fact, many have said that even the planet of Pluto is exalted in the sign of Leo.

Can other signs win a battle or two? Maybe but never the war.

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With the fire, Leo is a king because it represents Lion.


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Modern astrology bashes all signs and pits them against each other like dogs. Everyone wants their sign to be appreciated except for the sign next to it and opposite to it 🙄
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A post by Alyssa Sharpe —

‘Leo. God’s Favorite.

In the Garden of Eden, there was no death, until Adam & Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. After they took a bite of the fruit, both man & woman realized they were naked, and they felt fear & shame for the first time. When God saw them hiding, he killed an animal strictly for its pelt to cover their bare bodies, murdering an innocent animal, with no intention to be nourished by its meat.

Before this moment, mankind ate from the trees & lay safe in Utopia. No death, no pain, no fear. But after the fall, all of it had changed.

When God drove man out of the garden, he declared, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” As God knew that humanity had evolved to a place of the gods—their eyes opened to source—and were no longer living in ignorance & bliss. Now they must also know their own death, in order to see how beautiful life can be.

In Astrology, the Sun is exalted in Aries, but in its domicile in Leo. The Sun of your birth chart is your inner God, or your heart. Because the Sun is the star of our solar system, it is also the star of our lives. Adam, the Aries, was made in the image of God, allowing himself to be the 1st born, with a heart created to be the leader on Earth. But God himself, is at home in the light, and the closest we get to God on Earth, is in the sign of Leo, because that is when God comes home.

Years after the fall, Adam’s second born son, Abel, quickly grew up to be the favorite in the eyes of God. He was a shepherd, who watched over his flock of sheep, and when God asked for a sacrifice to prove his devotion, Abel killed his favorite lamb. Not for eating, or for sheering, but for God. God was pleased with his sacrifice—because it was ultimate. It was death.

So we ask, how does a Utopian world with no death, completely change to one where the ruler & authority desires murder to prove loyalty?

The answer is simple: The blood.

When you are fully alive, your heart pumps blood to every inch of your being. When you are dead, your heart stops, and the blood dries up. When you are in love, your heart beats fast, and your emotion wells up inside of your belly, giving you butterflies—making you feel even more alive than you did before you found that perfect love.

When you are with someone who doesn’t light you up, you feel like a walking zombie, going through the motions of life, but with no real power. Only fear pumps though your body. Rage, envy, vanity & lust are the sole driving forces that beg you to take risks beyond your mind’s trepidation. You are still working towards a goal, but with each action, you feel as if life is out of your control, forcing you to spend so much of your time regaining equilibrium, still searching for a place to belong. You end up exactly where you began, naked & afraid. No success is gained, when the loss is your time wasted without honor.

When the Sun is in Leo, we are shown the reason to exist. We are not here to collect houses & security, we are here to honor God, by honoring ourselves. We are here for taking risks & showing up in the face of danger. We are here to display true courage. The gods are fearful of nothing, because all death is certain—but after death, there is only more life—so facing down mortality, is the only way to make you feel fully alive.

Talking to the woman you are in love with, can feel like marching into battle, but once you breech that fear, you are only more alive & home within another’s heart. When one feels deeply for someone, some thing, or some place, and the man offers up his life as sacrifice, only then does he know LOVE. If knowledge is awareness of good and evil, and we already woken up to this truth, then life is for understanding love. We do not know love, if we did not lose it once. You cannot make make love where it is not, it only ends up as lustful vanity. Sex without the heart, is essentially jerking yourself off at the expense, or desire, of another person. Love is more, but how do we know, until we die for it?

In the real world, outside of Utopia, we have no reason to live. There is so much pain out here, so much danger lurking around every corner. You could cross the street today & get hit by a car. The fear is enough to make you stay inside forever, or consistently be fighting for a right to survive. But the heart wants what it wants, and it will walk across that street, each & every day, to find its true home. The heart of the Lion, does not become complacent until it finds what it’s looking for, and the Lion’s body will be tortured though blood, sweat, tears & sacrifice to serve his heart. Leo is not for fighting, it’s for walking into the room like God sent you, knowing the risks, but entering nevertheless.

Abel was a shepherd, essentially the God of his sheep, which means he knew that if he offered his favorite, to God, he would be honored. He took a risk, was brave and said goodbye to life, in order to be one with God. Again, no true power on earth is earned without sacrifice. Through Abel’s sacrifice, he attracted the rage of an envious brother, which cost him his own life. The favorite of the king is a walking target, but as every Leo knows, that’s not enough to keep you from what belongs to you. To reach zenith, will cost you everything you know, but it will bring you exactly what you came to earth for.

When we are hit in the heart with love for the first time, we realize that love is not what we thought it was going to be. Love is not work because it sucks, it’s work because you have to fight for it. To keep it, to save it & to care for it, you have to face danger every day.

Love is when your heart is finally home.

Leo is that home.’

Alyssa Sharpe

Wow, that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read about Astrology! I have always argued that Pluto's other ruler should be Leo and I am surprised that Leo is not more appreciated in Mars but that is for another discussion.

I look at people like Obama, The Terminator, and Tom Brady who embody the Leo sun sign. Perhaps the best reflection of Leo energy is Tom Brady who played one of the most dangerous positions in sports in being an NFL Quarterback. To see him lead his team back down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons and do it with the intensity he did it with, stuff of legends.

I always associated Leo's fixed fire as the hero of every story heading into battle. Unlike a more mutable or cardinal sign, the fixation is just plowing through even through adversity. However, with Leo you have pride and to think that men with great pride would not fight to the last breath to make things happen is absurd. I look back at the Tom Brady example where most Quarterbacks would have given up and called it a day but he kept fighting and he kept playing to pull off the biggest comeback in Superbowl history.

In my view, Leo rules another aspect of Pluto which is empowering ourselves. Instead of playing covert games or trying to manipulate situations, it is having the belief in ourselves that we are capable of the power to do what we really want. We have the power to be what we were meant to be and to find that love of our dreams without playing games.

I almost see the relationship now between Leo and Scorpio as that between Thor and Loki in a way. Both are sons of Odin, even though one is adopted, but they both function in different ways. Loki is more indirect in his way of getting things and Thor is just outright direct.


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She has a group on FB you should check out if you like her. She writes about others signs nicely too but she is a fire girl so she most enjoys fire energy.

I liked your last paragraph the most, where you recognise Scorpio has having an indirect, power and Leo having a direct, with both strengths being valid.

If one has the ‘heart of a lion,’ I would gladly stand alongside that person in battle. 🛡⚔️ 🔥 🦁

One only has to watch videos of lions to recognise how magnificent Leo’s are.

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TBH, being fire sign or air sign means nothing. Linda Goodman was an Aries and she did not like Leos at all whatsoever. Similarly, I have noticed a ton of Aquarius astrologers, particularly Aqua women, throw shade at Leos. Both are supposed to be compatible with us but they are always talking mad nonsense about the sign. I think as much as we try to deny it, there is an inherent bias in astrologers and it takes a rare astrologer to keep that bias out.

The bias against Leos comes from what Leo really embodies and what your typical astrologer is likely not. Leo is the high school star athlete, the party animal (5th house) that has all the fun, one of the popular kids, and with age the country club and wealthy suburban dad archetype. Meanwhile, you look at the average astrologer, especially if she is a woman, and they tend to be more on the outskirts of society. In a lot of cases, the woman who is 40 and not married or anything but has a lot of cats. Not that there is anything wrong with this as someone myself who has no intentions of getting married.

However, some are not happy with their station in life and use Astrology as an outlet to pour their bias into things. To them, Leo is that ideal life by society standards they could not have and feel hurt that they don't have it deep down. It becomes personal to them so it is no wonder that a lot of them give very biased views on signs and say how Leos are immature, naive, and not that intuitive.


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Are you not biased against Scorpio’s? Although, I have noticed a slight improvement in one of your last posts when you admitted Scorpio’s have indirect power.