Lengths (along ecliptic longitude) of the 12 starry Zodiacal Constellations

dr. farr

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I thought it would be of interest to present the data relating to the longitudinal lengths (along the ecliptic) of the 12 starry zodiacal constellations: this data (taken from Robson and from Clerke) shows that the constellations are of unequal length, and that the total degrees (of longitude) add up to 415, which is 55 degrees more than the total degrees of the ecliptic circle (= 360);so the various constellations overlap each other in many cases.

(In order to prevent confusion between zodiacal constellations and zodical SIGNS, which are 2 different things, I will be using the latin names for the starry zodiacal constellations)

+Arietis: 33 deg. (in longitudinal length along the ecliptic)
+Tauri: 37 deg.
+Geminorum: 23 deg.
+Cancri: 26 deg.
+Leonis: 41 deg.
+Virginis: 47 deg.
+Librae: 22 deg.
+Scorpii: 34 deg.
+Sagittarii: 34 deg.
+Capricorni: 28 deg,
+Aquarii: 48 deg.
+Piscium: 42 deg.


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Aquarius and Capricorn overlap, so I end up with "hits" on fixed stars in both constellations. Then there are some gaps between constellations, and poor Ophiuchus never quite manages to become the 13th sign.

If anyone is interested in seeing where their planets were in constellations on their birth date, the Astrodienst fixed star option for the chart style (on their free charts pages) gives a good illustration. www.astro.com .

dr. farr

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Note that these zodiacal constellation lengths are based on astronomical data prior to the resetting of constellation boundaries by the International Astronomical society, I believe back in the 1960’s; notice that 4 are under 30 degrees in length, and 4 are over 40 degrees in length, with overlapping Pisces/Aquarius covering a combined 90 degrees of longitude.