Lazy eye and muscle diseases.


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I have had this lazy eye thing since I was a kid. One of my eyes is a bit lazy, muscle not strong enough or something with the nerve I think.

But I was wondering if I might develop some other nerve-muscle disorder in the future. Like myasthenia gravis? I started having some leg cramps earlier this winter. But After some excersize and time it disappeared luckily.

I heard that something with saturn or pluto in the 6th house could indicate these muscle disorders, am I right?

I have mercury (my gemini ACs ruler) in scorpio conjunct pluto. So what typical illnesses might this give?

Saturn is also in 6th house conjunct 7th house cusp.


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Oh, really? My boyfriend has this! but the opposite eye, and hes the opposite AC as me, saggitarius:))

Im such a hypochonder sometimes:p


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I have pains in the right eye. It is like some knife bite. I have also sinusitis and my doctors told me, all are reflex pains and they come from neck muscle. Neck (and scapula) muscles are always in tension. I have Mercury in 6th, in Aries. Mercury is ruler of my 12th.
I have also Chiron in the 1st: there is always something critical about the head.

As I have posted my photo in one Forum (from USA, 2007) they told me that my pains are from liver. Also here where I live one male Forum member wrote: he has eye pain because of liver.
Officially I have liver cysts almost 3 cm long. Nobody cares about that.

I would recommend you:
Head CT,
Neck CT and
Liver: Ultra Scan.

Wish you good health.



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Ultra scan? Like ultra sound? My family doctor did this on my organs once, and he said everything was normal.

After my fever epilepsy as a child I did head MRI, and everything was normal then. But I was only 1 then.

The only thing I can think about concerning me is a positive rubella IgA test last summer. Doctors and my teacher said it wasnt supposed to turn out positive because I was vaccinated. So Im wondering if its false positive because of something autoimmune?? Does anyone know something about this?