Lack of privacy and control is my nemesis-charft intepretations?


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Which signs/houses do you see as being most about privacy and control?
I have Pisces in the 4th house and find it hard not feel like my parents completely control me psychologically, this ties in with Mercury and the fact I don't confront them very directly. I also feel the 2nd house(Security) is do with it as well as the 4th, and here I have Neptune in Sag, this implies lack of boundaries in quite an exaggerated way. The corresponding planets for 4th and second would be Moon and Venus. Both of these are in Capricorn 3rd house so this would suggested a bit of an **** kicking(that pays off long term?) in this matter. Cap's in the second too, I think along with the Neptune this means a lot of problems over security, privacy, money etc. This is where, coinciding with Neptune's roles, I feel the most lacking control.

Can anyone help with and advice or insights into privacy and security? I'd also call a major problem of mine self determination, the ability to get out from under family.

Relevant is the fact that I have had to deny myself relationships because of financial problems and lack of privacy, and wanting away from family. It's all or nothing(Neptune?) I cant have a relationship with some parental influence or involvement, never have had one. I am waiting for a totally clean break because of what I'm trapped in (lack of privacy, to do with the state and politics-dark stuff too long for here) and then to travel, have relationships etc free of parents.

The lack of self determination, personal finances and privacy, therefore relationships, is all like a vicious cycle- I lacked control with my parents, couldn't make a clean break, so then other things fall apart- then I got in deep with state corruption- wrong site for that..but basically I lost all control and privacy on all sides. I also idealise travel/foreigners and feel stuck by circumstance at times. Though I can break routines up to a point where I am I know.

I'm looking for a life when my relationships are free of my parents, where I make my own money and am self-determining, and where I have privacy- this has proved hugely difficult with the die being cast and what I've been stuck in due to some things beyond my control.

My chart is my icon.

Can anyone help and please ask me further questions.

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Your chart is too tiny to read. Try using Astrodienst at about a 75% reduction.

When you say "relationship" I'm not entirely clear on the problem. Presumably the other person might have more privacy in their living arrangements than you do. There is also the "getting to know you" phase, where public places work just fine for socializing.