Will somebody share his/her experience with Kundaliniawakening, also Kundalini"syndrome"- meaning the difficulties and health problems during this process?
thanks a lot
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Hi Aquarius29,

I have just gone through my uranus opposition which was written about by Barbara Hand Clow as the time when the kundalini naturally strats to rise and stops at blocks created health issues and bringing our awareness to particular stuff in life we need to look at closely for our further growth.

During the time of the opposition which happens around 39-43 years of age....my yoga teacher left and a new one arrived that taught kundalini yoga, this teacher then left about three months after the last contact, the opposition takes about 18 months as uranus retrogrades.

Anyway during this time I have had the most horrendous eczema, yet it has passed throughout my body, different places....it is as if the skin is showing where the clearing is taking place. It has increased by interest and knowledge of chakras and the way energy moves through the body as my sense of this energy have increased hugely in the last two years. It is connected to my thought and feelings I notice. I can actually creat a feeling of energy in my body just by dropping into a state of being aware of my body with love and acceptance.

The thyroid gland has also been acting up during this time too, so my metabolism seems all shook up.

Anyway it has all been very interesting and I have become more noticing of my body as a whole as a result....and best of all I have finally got into a regular meditation practice, which really helps me keep balanced. And I am more aware of my state of consciousness, and tuning in to how I feel as well as the usual what I think, and sometimes how I feel is at odds with what I think...very ineresting part of life.

You can make is rise earlier....but if it naturally happens at 40ish why push things that dont need to be.