Known answer: Will I hear from him next month?


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For some practice. I'll give an answer soon.


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I want to say yes because Moon/Saturn apply in a conjunction but feel like the answer would actually turn out to be no haha. Lack of aspects to and between the 3rd house rulers might show that perhaps?


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The problem with these known-answer horary practice quizzes is that, if you don't have a living question with an unknown answer, it kills off the purpose of horary-- which is to answer a burning question when you don't know the answer; or can't easily find it through ordinary means.

I note that you asked the question when the sun was in Leo, so I assume your "next month" means September, so you could have an answer to that already.

However, if by "next month" you mean October: unless "he" is no longer on the earthly plane, I wonder how you could know now whether or not you will hear from him.

[Saturn in the 7th, BTW, means the querent won't like the astrologer's answer. Sorry 'bout that. Traditionally the astrologer is also a 7th house matter.]

The answer is a bit tricky here because the moon indicates both your emotional stake in the matter (some would say your co-significator,) the moon is your main significator as the querent, and is also his co-significator due to the moon's presence in the 7th house.

I assume the 7th is appropriate here. If the person's relationship to you is your employer, friend, sibling, or parent we would use a different house cusp.

The moon's next aspect is not to Saturn, but it is to a pleasant trine with Venus, with a translation of light to Saturn.

So this does look like a "yes."