Kite, Grand Cross, Bucket?


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I would like to know opinions as to what to call my own chart!????
My Moon and Mars are the most powerful planets in the sense I feel them in my own life.
My Jupiter in the 10th promising success, I am a failure.
My POF is in Taurus, does that mean that the traits of Taurus are needed for me to have success??
Also in Taurus is my part of Spirit - my take on this is spritual improvement is much the same for me as money success.
Interestingly, my part of fulfillment is exactly the degree of my Moon.
My part of Intelligence is exactly the degree of my Mercury.
I wonder if Antares the powerful fixed star conjunct my Saturn has made Saturn so strong in my life. I want everything to be orderly and in order.
I've heard that a zero degree placement here on Pluto and Jupiter, makes planets placed there weaker. I've also heard it makes them stronger!:59: I'm going to try to post my chart. Hope this works!


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mixing chart with aspect patterns, to cindy


You asked:
cindystubbs said:
Kite, Grand Cross, Bucket? I would like to know opinions as to what to call my own chart!????

You are mixing two different things, your chart pattern, with aspect patterns. Charts have only one overall "pattern", but the aspects in the chart can form many aspect patterns. So you have a bucket chart pattern, and the aspect pattern of a Grand Square and a Kite.




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Re: mixing chart with aspect patterns, to cindy

Sorry, Well
Venus Squares Pluto
Mars Squares Moon
Not only are women jealous of me, I've had problems with my mother as the Mars Square Moon is supposed to indicate. Other than problems with other females, I would guess I have easy aspects.
Neptune is well aspected to everything except Uranus and in the powerful eleventh house and my imagination serves me well, in astrology and in day to day daydreaming escapes I can perform when bored.
Does the Moon rule a night chart? My Moon has completely eclipsed my Sun it is so much stronger. The asteroid Nessus sits on the midpoint of my Mars and Moon, both of themin the signs that they rule...
Interestingly this midpoint is also the degree of the part of Spirit.
As you can see, I have thought a lot about my chart and have many questions... and any thoughts on this matter anyone wishes to share I would enjoy seeing. Thank you all.