Kindly requesting a compatibility reading - should i pursue this relationship?


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Hello everyone, I have been crazy about this guy that i work with but I am not sure if he likes me back because he gives off a very serious and nonchalant vibe whenever i talk to him. Its strange considering he has so much sag. I dont know his birth time but i am guessing he would have Saturn in the 1st since he is so serious and distant. I would really like to know if i am his type and if there is potential for a relationship. It especially worries me that I am not aspecting his venus at all.

I am the inner circle ((blue) and my birth time is correct. His birth time is estimated. I also posted a composite chart.


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I don't think it is ever going to happen. Your chart is a tight little bundle. So is his but it is right there with yours.

People with tight bundles crave and need people who fill in some of their missing houses and signs. You guys do not do that for each other. I don't think he is feeling romantic towards you. Just my hunch, could be wrong. :sideways:


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It's difficult to tell if your his type without knowing a birthtime --that could change things entirely-- but based on his Moon and Venus alone, you could be.


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That can happen with two tight bundle charts, as katy mentioned. It's not a deal breaker; my father's Venus is unaspected in synastry with my mother and they've been married for decades.

Have you spoken to this guy yet, in a more than friendly manner?
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